Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “[Sonnet]” by Jehanna Dubrow: wonder, breaks, far, delays, detours, navigate, clear, light, leaking, wreck, art, split


Tristan decided to be a pirate

With the parrot on his shoulder that’s clear

To give us cheer with his free spirit

At any rate he navigates such dare

With the art of wrecks and delays

His knees all graze oh such wonder

Might break his bones he doesn’t care

And then he swears he’s tough

One big blunder on his new craze

Many ways and he is so rough

That ain’t enough he goes under

This boy wonder so daft

He splits the found treasures with his mates

And as they wait they sing songs and drink beer

And as they steer they dream of girls and dates

And on their plates sausages and spear

Tristan is so happy at any rate

His own merit his ideas so dear

It’s not so queer playing up the turret

With wild carrot he eats by the pier*

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

  • LaJemme


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