Imaginary Quotes

Jake’s her name, my imaginary friend
She’s always there, come what may
Even when I left the country
She’s my faithful companion
My strict critique, my conscience
My cheerleader, my ally, my confidante
I guess she grew up with me
And her life is not different from mine
Surrounded by her loved ones
Got a successful career
The ones we said we’d do have been done
We’ve weathered and survived them all
Challenges, hindrances, difficulties
Still going with the flow and wave of life
Enjoying life, its beauty and abundance
Isn’t life wonderful?

How do we remember what they’ve done?
Do we mourn when they are all gone?
Men of gallantry and courage
Going to war, crossing the bridge
Do we appreciate their action?

They go there so our lives brighten
Their sacrifices for us brethren
When they come back from the carnage
How do we remember them?

They fight with their guns and cannon
Some still boys and girls in action
Couldn’t imagine shocking image
For peace, saving all the village
Against all enemies so they’d won
How do we remember them?*

* Rondeau

I see hope from afar
I can smell the roses
Cycling at the weekend
No fret no bother, too
Where I can pray and mend

I see hope from afar
And looping with the wind
Imagine to be free
Not swatting in the hole
Where I’ll be full of glee

I see hope from afar
The pink glow of sunset
Where trees sway and birds fly
Wife baking bread for kids
Dad brought sauce for the pie

I see hope from afar
Green fields where children play
Distant snow covered hills
Where winter is nearing
Christmas with all the frills**

** Monchielle

The forest for me is a place to comtemplate
Where I walk among the trees and feeling great
The canopy of leaves giving me some shade
Trunks stood so straight like they were in parade
And the fresh air I breathe so adequate

I hug a tree like he is my mate
Telling him my feeling at any rate
And the breeze making us swayed
A place to contemplate

Each texture and bark I can predate
And the bough can’t imagine its weight
The forest is where I walked and played
In times of troubles, a place where I prayed
And one time, a place to meet my blind date
A place to contemplate***

*** Rondeau

Though self-conscious, she force herself to go
Requiescat slow was said as a good luck
Courage pluck to go to the meeting though
As the wind blows, sweaty hands got tuck

Would he be apologetic?
Or poetic for both of them?
What’s the ghost word for all of these?
She felt the breeze in place

The past when they were together
Thinking whether there’s still the trace
And with grace to forgive outcome
Hard wish and some embrace

Flush in the face as she crawls to see him
And in prelim she imagines the scene
What does it mean when all she hears is hymn?
Like brothers Grimm tale outcome is unseen

And so the conclusion is best to know
Stories flow get rid of thunderstruck
Best to unstuck all hindrances to grow
Even in snow she has to face that schmuck****

**** LaJemme

Words mean different to different mind

Books, revelation are combined

Some others are indignant kind

Others we have to streamlined

Worst still might be a nightmare

Comes in the darkness don’t know where

In stony silence it could be

From the beast we’d like to be free

Cradling dark thoughts from the Black Sea

Hand in hand by the Aegean Sea

We remember stories of old

In the desert or when we’re cold

But then still good to have read

Our imagination is keyed

Make or break we have to accede

From time to time also agreed

Life is colourful with these books

Discuss anything also crooks*****

***** La Charta



  1. Lady Lee, You’ve outdone yourself this week. I love your Veteran’s Memorial poem (or at least that’s how I read it.)
    “How do we remember what they’ve done?
    Do we mourn when they are all gone?
    Men of gallantry and courage
    Going to war, crossing the bridge
    Do we appreciate their action?”

    So many lost or ruined lives over the years as we live our peaceful, quiet lives away from the fray. We can’t imagine what they’ve seen and experienced. They often can’t adjust to the calm to which they return.

    A beautiful post, my friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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