Fortitude Quotes

Prepared for battle
She made her presence known
Fight when she’s able
Protest with gramophone

She made her presence known
That she’s among them
Respect them, not condone
Their stratagem

Fight when she’s able
To respect all women
Issue to tackle
Together this action

Protest with gramophone
So people will know
That they are not alone
Empathy to show

That she’s among them
Together hand in hand
Good, bad and all femme
Equality demand

Respect them, not condone
Sisterhood for all
Very strong their backbone
Wait for what befall

Their stratagem
Their say in this protest
Together their gem

I saw a girl and that was me
Curious to the world around her
She tries her best, of course she errs
Remains true to herself, that’s key

All the pains she endures
All experience she appreciates
Good or bad, they’re hers
People she meets, some she keeps
Moments come and go
Learns her lesson and moves on

True or false, she speaks with candour
She acts, they don’t have to agree
Her reason? As long as she’s free
She has her own cauldron to stir

Living the life like she was her
As long as I’m not hurting anyone
I am that girl and she is me
I am fighting my own battle
World’s my oyster, as blue as the sea
For me that is clear, never blur

Tatayo akong mag-isa kung kailangan
Ako sya at sya ay ako
(I stand up alone if needed
I am her and she is me)*

* La’libertas

Troubling tensions despite the blue skies

A battle of wits sinking longer

First so tender but with a speck of disguise

Birds sang as they fly to their nests

Butterflies flutter oh they’re so beautiful

Partners in crimes but now both spies

When you were gone I became stronger

Troubling tensions despite the blue skies

Cornfileds on a sunny day

Children sliding and swinging

Thought it would last forever but we revise

Have to move on now that you’re a goner

First so tender but with a speck of disguise

Stalks of red roses on the field

Red fox came and gone

Tension troubling and merciless demise

We fight with wits and then we ponder

Troubling tensions despite the blue skies

No regrets we always say

What happened happened

Best to part ways and that is wise

Those were the days when we were younger

First so tender but with a speck of disguise

It was your lost and I’m not your prize

Best to move on from now on yonder

Troubling tensions despite the blue skies

First so tender but with a speck of disguise**

** Grá Reformata

when he was young, everything that he saw he asked WHAT
was that about, curious on things here and there, that IS
why did it happen or tell me more, about the birds and THE
bees and where did he come from and what was the USE,
of this thing and that. We tried to answer as much but I
sometimes wasn’t sure of stuff, then he started to FEEL
more and more confident, learning them by himself LIKE
how to cycle, how to ski, to play fair, to get ready SAYING,
I can do this and know what I want. Lots of things to LEARN
before he could fly the nest, and he took his time and willing TO
do his homework, his guitar, his football, his drama and STICK
to them like glue, after all, when all was said and done and YOUR
world doesn’t include us anymore, better to be ready in your HEAD
that we’re just a phone call away or in our case, we can skype IN
the weekend and you can tell us about your week and we’ll do THE
same from our side of the world and we see each other on EARTH,
time for us to get use to you not being here, that it’s just us now AND
we are so proud of you and what you have achieved and perhaps MAYBE
and indeed life is wonderful, as we are behind whatever you do and YOU’LL
appreciate more when you come back here, which is your home STILL
from the bottom of our hearts wish you the best of luck for you to SURVIVE.

rainbow in a puddle

we’re tiny dots of whole

everything takes its toll

testing if we’re able

gives us hope to scramble

feel of trust in our soul

silver lining or not?

up to us to decide

perhaps good if we tried

for us ourselves bethought

and let’s not be distraught

if we make it, it’s pride

we trek some dirty mud

not always smooth, the road

got to pay what we owed

if there’s luck, we’re blessed

depends if we acted

carry on as we flowed

rainbow in a puddle

tells us that we’re able

fight own battle


  1. i am me see
    touch me be near me
    hear me
    then let me be
    so you know
    shout about
    the noun
    the frown
    i am a man
    who cannot see
    any sense of victory is all
    dead man walking
    machine chest talking

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