Fog Quotes

New day came in the midst of despair

As I bounce back from the fog

Colossal foresight made left and right

Wood and paper made choking smog

For the record this is my first time

Woe was my Siamese twin

Made left and right, colossal foresight

It would make my brawny head spin

Steep thought as I obtain this move

Cent of wisdom this is right

Colossal foresight made left and right

Don’t you worry I’m willing to fight*

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

  • ZaniLa Rhyme


The dice tumbled and the table leaned forward

With held breath we followed the shape of what was

To become of our fate and to move onward

It looks like a clean sweep to get an applause

No more disguise nor fear of death in the fog

In the dimness of the night no more faux pas

We don’t have to go to Amsterdam or Prague

We don’t have to hurt the Minister for that

And we don’t have to drink the hair of the dog

The dice did us proud happy what we get at

With held breath we didn’t have to do combat**

** A Terza Rima 

droplets in the air

billowing fog of chilled air

buried expression

confusion changing my mind

will it affect the result?***

*** Tanka

They lurched to a halt as the sound

Of alarms spread the ship

Shuddered and choke to what they found

They’re not fully equipped

Fire! They muttered as they scurried

No homeland and they’re all worried

Fire, they muttered

Fire, they muttered

All act so brave as they hurried

They lurched to a halt as the sound

Of alarms spread the ship

Reverence so as not to drowned

Try to save the steamship

Tongue in cheek humour still there

They swear they sort out their affair

Tongue in cheek

Tongue in cheek

Save them as they say their prayer

They lurched to a halt as the sound

Of alarms spread the ship

Enough soot to start the fire round

Them not mine they chip

SOS they called for some help

Pain in their eyes as they yelp

SOS they called

SOS they called

Now the ship is covered with kelp****

**** The Trijan Refrain

Footsteps echoed eerily in the fog
Wind coming from the east and the trees swayed
Getting louder like the barking of dog
Gets nearer, is one going to be preyed?
Who’s that? I asked even though I’m afraid
Footsteps stopped suddenly, I’m still puzzled
Stop it now, Mathew, and don’t make me jade
Game is over and you’ve won, I dabbled
Not Mathew but Joe, who came in a jog
His footsteps faster coming from the fog*****

*****  The Decuain 

Listen, my heart shatters into bits
On this foggy day, it hits
Going down the pits
Our splits

Such cheat and betrayal in a blitz
You don’t deserve me, you twits
Going down the pits
Our splits

Nothing left to say, you hypocrites
Go away, our benefits
Going down the pits
Our splits

****** Triquint



  1. I can always count on a new form when I visit your blog! ZaniLa Rhyme this time. Very nice. I like the colossal foresight and left and right changing places.

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