Forgotten Quotes

My heart and other black holes
Aching in the twilight, enduring the grief
Crushing my life, stealing my hope to my disbelief
Now trying to forget, subtle atonement of my soul

Contained toughness in my head, that is my goal
No sour grapes, no regrets for that is my brief
My heart and other black holes
Aching in the twilight, enduring the grief

I want to move on and back in control
To climb up mountains, swim in the reef
To forgive, to forget, holding the fig leaf
In time feeling again that I am whole
My heart and other black holes*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* Rondel

I’m a vision
rambling in the wood
the world have me shun
repaying for my childhood

I’m a fountain of blood
in the shape of a girl
my life is a tragedy or a ballad
I can be your pearl when I twirl

lost at first hole
rattling in the forgotten shell
not knowing my role
coming out of your spell

stretching my wings with feathers
time to leave your sight
life might be a blur
got to be bold for my fight

don’t forget my name
I’m the branch that you break
I’m your dame in a frame
in the wilderness for your sake

Three old men sitting in a bar. They have been friends all their lives. Frank is half blind and has some problems with his memories. Bill has arthritis on his knees and has difficulty walking, so he walks with a stick. Ted is quite obese. They used to be young and virile, useful citizens of this town. They drink beers, put a bet on the horses and meet in the pub in the afternoon. They talk about the good old days, when they all had jobs. They are like those three graffiti cars that were left in the sand – forgotten. 

Santiago has been living a fugitive life for 20 years. He managed to move to a new place every couple of years. Then, he found a real secluded area and felt at home in it that he decided to stay there longer. He also felt confident that the local people will not recognise him and so he slowly mixed with them. He met Marinela in one of the village’s party. They fell in love and Marinela moved in with him. It was all going well.

But somehow Santiago wasn’t satisfied with his situation. He wanted to go back to his country. He was sure that they have forgotten what he did and can visit his parents. After all, they must miss him and they’re getting old. He also wanted to tell them about his life (well, some parts of it).

As he stepped out of the plane, he felt like his whole life had changed. The policemen were waiting for him at the tarmac. They read his name in the passenger’s list and they knew that it was time for him to pay his debt to society. So they arrested him right there and then. Shackled and handcuffed, Santiago cut a sad figure as he was escorted by four policemen to the station.

Shh time to release the tension

With speaking our mind and our dissonance

Who said this would be easy? Stay with our themes

Time to get all our attention

Attention is quite hard to get

Especially if one wants to forget

All the hurt, betrayal and the pain through the years

There’s also the fun time you bet

(c) ladyleemanila 2021



  1. Thank you for these words and also for the Linkin Park link – I have not heard that song in years. My favourite piece was “I’m a vision//rambling in the wood” Beautiful.

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  2. Lady Lee, I love your story of Santiago. It reminds me of a movie, title long forgotten, of a man who kept to himself, but when he let in love, was discovered. As the saying goes, the long arm of the law does not forget. Each of your poems and your other story touched me as well. Great quotes and creative writing, Lady Lee. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. 🙂

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