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“You’re it!” I didn’t see her as she pointed to me, called my name and said, “You’re it!” I’ve got to look for them hiding around our street. It was getting dark so it was tough finding them. However, I knew Thor would be hiding at his usual place, my brother kissing our neighbour in one corner and I’d managed to locate Bethcha. Before long we had to go back to our houses and ate our dinner. Other days, we’d play patintero (try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), tumbang preso (hit the can), piko (hopscotch) or luksong-tinik (lit. jump over the thorns of a plant). Sometimes we’d rent some bikes and circled around our neighbourhood.

Easter Breaks. The only time of the year when all of us cousins stayed in our Granddad’s house. The number of times we walked back and forth the house and the chapel for singing the passion plays. The afternoons we spent splashing in that creek while Granddad washed the carabao, the still warm fresh milk that morning and the mangoes we’ve picked on the way to the farm. We all slept on the floor, some snoring, some talking, and telling each other’s stories, jokes and secrets.

Dapitan. Our house in Dapitan was small – for our parents, 4 children, Granny, aunts and cousins. It was constantly full of people and activities. Our cousins from the province stayed with us once they started college. There were 2 bedrooms, one for our parents and one for all of us with 2 bunk beds; the rest slept on the floor. My classmates and I loved hanging out there; doing our homework and projects; lunch and merienda (snacks) were at all times provided. When I needed to concentrate in college, I’d wake up in the middle of the night to revise or just to have some peace and quiet.

Childhood memories
When life was full of roses
Snippets of my life

Snippets of my life
Full of innocence and fun
Summer spent with friends

Halcon where I grew up

Place between two cities

Street always busy

Played with friends such a club

Stayed there till we’re grownup

We’re all pretty silly

Never forget Halcon

Close it on New Year’s Day

Reunion sway and gay

Had great parties till dawn

Memories to hold on

As now we’re all away

Memories of the past

Treasure them, gone so fast*

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

  • HexSonneta

Dusty piano in the attic
Together with old shoes, some bags and toys
They say my great aunt Matilda used to play well
With flare and sometimes dramatic

Dramatic as the water went
Down the stream as the train passed by
Outside the window daffodils and tulips bloomed
My aunt in concert she frequent

Frequent and well dressed with purses
She loved going to church with rosary
Wrapped with fine tissues this old wooden rosary
My aunt played with all the verses

Verses and other things rusty
Being in the attic for a long time
No longer needed, no longer useful to all
This worn out piano so dusty**

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

** RemyLa Rhyme Form

A day of leisure and the children snatched the chance to play. Like angels enjoying the waves of childhood, they played outside the garden, on clay soil or grass or on the streets. They made their own simple toys, like boats from pieces of bread, spears from sticks and small houses from stones and boxes. They played games, from games of skill with cherry stones or tops to activities such as archery, football and dancing. A pair of them played with hula hoops, barrels and sticks. They fixed their toys with strings and stones. That covered everything and they stayed until the moon came out at night.

Hide and I nose dive
I’m not peeking behind this
Here I come, watch out
I’ll find you, no doubt
Looked everywhere but I missed

Come out, pretty please
So cold, I get freeze
Ask Mum to give us some tea
With biscuits to dunk
Then play in my bunk
With all my toys, full of glee

One, two, three, I close my eyes, you hide

Four, five, six, and I got you

Played catch, played ball, didn’t matter what

With friends and cousins, till we all grew

Cycling, skating and basketball

We played outside all day long

Didn’t matter what, played catch, played ball

When we heard a gong, time for a song

We swam in the creek, we drank fresh milk

And never ending giggling

Played catch, played ball, didn’t matter what

With friends and cousins, smiling



  1. Lady Lee, this might be my favorite post ever! The poems, stories and all the videos area all adorable. Even the fun Barbie movie is so much fun. You really had fun with this post. 🙂

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