What do you see # 112 – Angel

Image credit; Kellepics Pixabay
For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a huge stone angel guarding a city within its two wings.

Remember when the angels sing?
And we pause to listen?
When we smell the flowers?
And look forward to spring?
When we gasp for air after running a mile?
When we free the birds from some nasty snares?
And we tried to have a healthy lifestyle?
And we kissed not minding the stares?

On this cold day, I reminisce them all
Gone were those days since you left
Days seem to be dark and with rainfall
Some men were convicted of theft
I’ve dialled down all my expectation
I was at a loss for words
The whole world seems to be blacken
I headed back homewards

Heavenly creatures featured boldly in my dreams
The reflection in the clear blue lake was amazing
Keeping me from the cold as the sun gleams
The birds building their nests with love like it was spring
The knotted winter tree and the sun shining behind the hills
Finding the rainbow at the end of the valley
Bright future ahead of me as my dream fulfils
And in my bones I feel I am all free
Like the angels coming down from the sky
Playing with the stars, keeping me all safe
Counting my blessing saying my thanks up high
Hoping that never will I be strafe

Are you the angel of the night?
There for my plight
On top of the cliff I saw you
Sky so blue
You put bandage on my scar
Fair and square

You are always there never fake
Guiding me with all challenges
Helping me make the right choices
Knowing what’s at stake every day from daybreak

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

For: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/12/13/what-do-you-see-112-december-13-2021/


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