Joy Quotes

water moved softly round my toes
and sultry air caressing me
wispy clouds across
boats rise and fall in the lock
one lazy hazy day
sea lay without a ripple
cupped my hands and drank water
drips falling from lips
ah, the sweet taste of heaven
cool and refreshing
rough winds shake the darling buds
more lovely and temperate
palm trees swaying
clouds scudding across the sky
heaven knows why
have picnics by the seabed
open sunlit grass, cloudless
splashing with the waves
friends waiting for the sunset
the joy of summer
light of the silvery moon
never ending stories

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

What brings joy?
Him Indoors and son
My mother
My siblings
Our love, our health, our career
That we’re still here

Our garden
Flowers, trees and pets
Air we breathe
Sun and moon
Challenges we take with love
Experience we share

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

I write, therefore I am
I’m as sweet as a lamb
Words of love, of friendship
Inspiration coming from a pen’s tip
Any pent up emotion being released
In any way, in any form, at least
And when the muse is here
Mind is clear, calls for a cheer
Ah! the wonder of words
Like singing with the birds
Characters, setting, scene
Rhymes and what we mean
The pen can make men move
Can even make us improve

Words are mightier than a sword
Things to be poured
That can be moved
Enjoyed and grooved

Writing is such a good release
Like a timepiece
To show something
That makes us zing

Such a humble gadget this pen
Good for our ken
Could be our friend
Please apprehend

This time last year, Him Indoors gave me two tickets for the opera. Of course, I took him with me. I wore my new red dress and he wore his tweed jacket, a white shirt and a red and blue tie. We went out for a meal, a Bavarian restaurant in the city centre. I had some cordon blue and Him Indoors had snitzel, together with a wheat beer for me and a lager for Him. Then we walked around town, the Christmas market was gone, but some stands were still there, selling warm mulled wine and pretzels. We reached the National Theatre, still quite early, so we took some photos of the area, with all the lights. We went in, we ordered 2 glasses of Chardonnay and sat at the table with a long stem of fresh red rose. The bell rang and the opera started. It was “La Boheme” by Puccini. The orchestra was practicing their tunes, people coming in the theatre and the whole place was wonderful. We had great seats at the parquet, near the orchestra pit, at the middle. The opera was great – Mimi, Rodolfo, Marcelo and Muzetta – they were all brilliant. I ended up in tears when Mimi died. A great night, indeed!

It was “La Boheme”
The pleasure it offered us
Music was superb

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

There’s a lot to reflect

Listening to what people knew

Their wrinkles deeper in their brows

Joy in their faces for what’s new

Past or present, time doesn’t matter

Curiosity being roused

Joy in their faces for what’s new

Their wrinkles deeper in their brows

Flowers bloom, things to overcome

Quite tense, taming of the shrew

Their wrinkles deeper in their brows

Joy in their faces for what’s new

They come and go, the moon and the sun

Flex invincibility, interest aroused

Joy in their faces for what’s new

Their wrinkles deeper in their brows*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

  • The Mirrored Refrain



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