Did somebody say cheese?

I like wine with my cheese
White wine if it’s there
Nice as a summer breeze
As well as with pear

White wine if it’s there
With stilton and cheddar
I don’t have to share
Even if you stir

Nice as a summer breeze
Great with some crackers
I’ll savour them with ease
Also his and hers

As well as with pear
Chablis or Chardonnay
Delicious I swear
After some fish fillet*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Quadrilew

There was a time when we were together
And then you err and I kept forgiving
Wasn’t a fling, everything was a blur
And you stir the situation as acting

You said to wait and I’ve waited
Like a ballad with your sweet words
By the clock as they sing, the birds
Cottage cheese curds and whey

Some people sitting by the steps
By the doorsteps on a bright day
Should I stay or fly like bluebirds?
Like some herds I’m away

Twenty past three as I look at the clock
The bird just squawk and I’m still here waiting
The hurt stings and I’m stuck like a block
We are to talk on things, lots of asking

Why couldn’t stuff remain like as they were?
When our behaviour the same to swing
When we can cling to each other and purr
Let us answer this quest without aching*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

The LaJemme 

For: https://hoohaa.com/?p=15470


  1. I’m a fan of fruit and cheese. I know a lot of people enjoy wine with their cheese and it makes sense.. but being I usually can’t stomach wine, I have to stick to other things!

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