JusJoJan the 4th, 2022 – generosity

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “We Are All God’s Poems” by Philip Metres: frozen, bowl, host, breath, scribbled, page, gaze, mouth, what, bear, taut, sings

Sing a song of praise for these men

Generously with love

Scribbled pages they left by then

Gaze up they sang above

Generously giving their lives

Remember their children and wives

Generously give

Generously give

Remember them in our archives

Sing a song of praise for these men

Left frozen in the fields

Their last breath also left in glen

Now bear flowers that yield

What price freedom their legacy

Bravely fighting their enemy

What price freedom

What price freedom

For us mouthing this elegy

Sing a song of praise for these men

With love generously

Thanking them as we say amen

Hosting reverently

Men of courage and of valour

Showing gratitude in our prayer

Men of courage

Men of courage

They’re heroes for all to revere*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • Trijan Refrain

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