WQW #1: Remembering 2021

January – The Virgin by Gustav Klimt

We wish we could wait for the star

Harpoon once and for all

Stump our feet what we do so far

Waiting for what befall

We fight for love, that’s tooth and nail

Wishing and waiting without fail

We fight for love

We fight for love

Not just nine to five but full scale….

February – fresh flowers

He loves me, he loves me not

Little by little my heart’s in a knot

Feeling sluggish and sometimes tense

Moths and fireflies glow to my defense

It should be easy, and so I thought

March – Gin the tortoise woke up from hibernation

Outside this threadbare door

Beyond bliss

Mystery can be drawn to mend

A broken heart or more


To mourn perhaps and then amend

April – finished The Kiss by Van Gogh

Starlight, my heart is on fire
Afternoon in the wild
Curled in bed to someone’s desire
One, two, three, I smiled
Fasten my seatbelt, I love this
On this quiet place, such a bliss
Fasten my seatbelt
Fasten my seatbelt
Kiss from my knight, I’m the princess

May – our garden

Some places have stories themselves

Catastrophe to our old selves

Premonition of something here

With chaos sometimes finding peace

Risk created in scanning streets

In the market we watch and hear

Traces of lives silent witness

Going around their own business

And we can’t help but overhear

June – tiger in the wild

Fiery and fascinating is what I’m hoping

Claiming a masterpiece I could sing for hours

As I create something, interpretation is open

With stretched imagination, scene is flowing

Seek and I shall find rainbow powers

July – flowers in bloom

enraptured by her beauty

he could think of nothing else

following her bloom so mutely

finding the fruit in the field so juicy

forgotten to breathe oh his pulse

August – my little garden

Sleep tight my poet for in your dream world you go colouring your sphere whose fleeting tenure not break with wild realm of reality the kiss of the muse and so inspiration comes curdles long life in short time with pleasure, pain, faith, hope and love; I never believe in dreams – they were just for kids like one of their childish games but you came and I’m in flames – I’m still smiling with that beam; now I believe in daydreams hoping you are my mainstream as my heart you have inflamed – dreams to be with you.

September – our hike

Chocolate rivers and licorice trees

That frozen breeze works like balsam to wounds

The taste that hounds his dreams and also tease

And if we please not recall the obtunds

Splashes of colour filled the view

Blossoms and hue veiled the whole set

October – Bedroom by Van Gogh

Goodbye Amy, my dearest friend

Wind and rain caressing

Swaying slowly against the scend

We count all the blessing

No winged grief could sweep our love

But to heaven and stars above

No winged grief

No winged grief

Until then in the afterlife

November – the frog

Enjoy life as it goes around

Sing a song on the road

One day I’m up the next day down

Bright clouds as I bestowed

Forget the past and don’t stray

In the spirit of the day

Forget the past

Forget the past

Weigh my chances and seek my way

December – poinsettia

Remember when the angels sing?
And we pause to listen?
When we smell the flowers?
And look forward to spring?
When we gasp for air after running a mile?
When we free the birds from some nasty snares?
And we tried to have a healthy lifestyle?
And we kissed not minding the stares?

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  1. This might be my favorite post of yours EVER, Lady Lee. Are those your pictures? The poems fit each picture so beautifully. Michael Jackson was the perfect video, too. So well done.

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