WQW #2: Communication: Socializing Is It Worth Your Time?

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Marrying the Wind” by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins: wind, extreme, together, feathers, dust, voice, seasons, carry, smoke, wood, scream, back

Blogging is my way of socialising

I blog everyday after revising

Voice up! Voice up! Say what I mean

All through seasons I set the scene

Together with other bloggers we read

Voice up and comment on each other’s feed

Going to the gym is also my way

Carry on with the swim and that’s my day

Extreme! Extreme! That’s not for me

Then we have a nice cup of tea

Back and forth we communicate

Extreme no but we have to watch our weight*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

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Ladyleemanila is all about me
I’ve always wanted to be called a Lady
Yes, I thought that’s a good start
Lee – is a short form of my real name
Manila – is where I come from
Put them together – Ladyleemanila
A cool name I said and so I shall be
In this blogosphere where I meet friends

Ladyleemanila, a girl in fringe, pretty in red
Her brains swirl like that crazy cappucino smile

Will continue prosaic poesies and never the while grows tired
Writes what’s close to her heart, be it her experience

Born and bred in one of exciting 7,100 islands
Bounces like a ball, hither and thither on the go

Anyway, I started blogging five years ago out of curiosity. I’ve just finished doing some online courses like Academic Writing, Social Psychology, Media and others and I thought why not start blogging, and so I did. I don’t have a theme, I just tried everything – daily prompts, writing challenges, photo challenges, my experience, prose, poems, etc. I met some virtual friends and they’re amazing. I love it and will carry on blogging. Have a great week everyone!

Life is like a play – we go through the stages of our lives. We have roles, child or adult, sister or brother, mother or father, student or employed, married or single, rich or poor, optimist or pessimist. We are social beings, living and acting according to the norms of our society, culture, groups and races. Our social relationships help define our sense of self. I know how important first impression makes and I can be socially judged in the blink of an eye. It’s very important to trust our instincts. We should listen and communicate, until we know someone’s depth.

In the far-flung part of the world
We had to cross the seas and lands
We had to endure the storms coming
You were there, so far away, unreachable
Hard to communicate, different opinions
Displeased one another even not purposefully
Caused pain in the heart and soul, crushed
Over the mountains, through seven seas
Endured the pain, winter, spring, autumn
Summer came, was there a flicker of hope?
Did we overcome the hurdles, the storm?
We should know when we ran out of excuses
When the flames died down and a white flag was up
We had to accept… at last we are free!

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  1. You really opened up in this post, Lady Lee M. I love your story about how and when you started blogging. You have kept at it for quite a while, so it must be rewarding to you. It is to me as well. Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

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