WQW #8: Transportation Moving Along

Four years ago we had a tour of Japan. It was wonderful! Their public transport is very efficient. We were able to experience taking their bullet trains, the Shinkansen. We bought the Japan rail pass and we rode from one place to another, i.e. Tokyo to Kyoto, Kyoto to Hiroshima, Osaka to Tokyo, etc. We also bought their IC Card which we used in their local and regional trains. At first, it was daunting, as the system seemed to be complicated, but once we were at it, we nailed it! Such a wonderful experience.

It was a great way to see the city
Tram and other public transport, quite cool
Many people waiting, busy as bee
Young and old alike wait – that’s the rule
Going to work they will get there surely
Going to theatres, museums and schools*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

Harrisham Rhyme

Coventry Transport Museum is a motor museum, located in Coventry city centre. It houses a collection of British-made road transport. It is located in Coventry because the city was previously the centre of the British car industry.

Waiting for the train one autumn afternoon
Afternoon of exceptional loss and waiting
Languid of suffering when you don’t return
Return to me, longing for you, now languid
Coming back to me all memories we share
Share but now no more for you’re not coming

I don’t really know the outline of my plan
Plan of just going where the train goes, I
Perhaps there’s some hope out there
There in the unknown place perhaps
New town, a new beginning, new me
Me and my old suitcase ready for new**

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

** The Mirror Sestet

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  1. I have ridden on public transportation in several cities, but never in Japan. It looks so modern and clean. Most are dirty, but they still are marvelous to get around quickly and easily in a large city. I enjoyed your post. You always amaze me.

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