Our sapphire jubilee

Hello everyone. Dear classmates, batchmates and all the alumni of Education High School. I’m so happy to take part in this virtual homecoming. It has been 45 years since we left EHS but somehow our hearts have never left.

Dear classmates, 45 years ago and yet memories are still rushing in and so overwhelming. Remember our mischievous escapades we did together, our secrets we kept together, our joys and achievements we celebrated together and even our tears and heartaches we shared together? Those memories, even up to now, they make me smile.

Dear batchmates and alumni, 45 years went so fast, years faded away and somehow we’re ruthlessly pushed into the autumn of our lives. Some of us have retired and some are still working in different cities, towns and even different countries. We’ve all had different positions in our life values. But for now it’s time to think and reflect on everything. It’s not for the gain or fame, or to learn lessons or even to lose or win. Now it’s important that we keep ourselves safe, happy and healthy. Let’s all pray for each other. Thank you very much.


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