V is for Vers Beaucoup

The time when we hear the bell chime and smell the thyme

No crime just childhood pranks and lots of blanks

We give thanks to memories and all other accesories

With colourful draperies we sleep under the heap

The time of innocence hence listlessness

Limitless energy playing jeopardy

Like it was just yesterday now we’re grownup without a pup

Experiencing breakup and other hindrance for instance

Life is short assort independently of one another but don’t abort

Like a fort we guard hard what’s in our hearts

Starred in our lives give us hope so we could cope

Let’s not mope but enjoy the ride and play with toy*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

The Vers Beaucoup, a poem for created by Curt Mongold, which is French for “many rhymes”. Each stanza consists of four lines with a rhyming word scheme of:


Each rhyme can only use a MAXIMUM of three words. The fourth “a” rhyme carried over to the second line causes enjambment and creates a strong internal rhyming structure.

For: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/2022/04/atozchallenge-dream-of-victory.html, https://www.napowrimo.net/day-twenty-six-8/


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