Holiday Quotes

Sand, sun and the sea

Everything with glee

I’m going on holiday

Visiting my Mum

Drinking coco rum

All bags are packed by the way

Reunion with friends

Firenze or Ardennes

Reminiscing of the past

Of loves and heartaches

With some wine and cakes

Friends for life no need to ask

And with Him Indoors

We’re cycling outdoors

Having ice-cream in the park

Hike in the mountains

Walk beside fountains

Hand in hand we make our mark*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • Alouette

Summer breeze
Summer holiday
Holiday in the sun
Holiday fun
Fun with kids
Fun and laughter
Laughter and good humour
Laughter in the park
Park of wildlife
Park eating ice-cream
Ice-cream delights
Ice-cream I love
Love me tender
Love me sweet
Sweet daffodils
Sweet Caroline
Caroline’s my aunt
Caroline on skates
Skates and roller blades
Skates around
Around the block
Around with friends
Friends having fun
Friends watching telly
Telly to watch
Telly and Netflix
Netflix news
Netflix films
Films in the summer
Films fun to watch
Watch the kids
Watch the concert
Concert in the park
Concert live
Live and let live
Live broadcast
Broadcast news
Broadcast from Spain
Spain and sun
Spain and fun
Fun holiday
Fun cycling
Cycling to beer garden
Cycling with Him Indoors
Him Indoors and me
Him Indoors’ hobbies
Hobbies making boats
Hobbies and games

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

** The Blitz Poem

The Philippines is the best place
To travel and to be
Where I come from and my space
Always sun and the sea
Happiest people on the earth
And you will have your money’s worth
Happiest people
Happiest people
Will always return since from birth

The Philippines is the best place
To snorkel and to swim
To relax such an easy pace
Do whatever at whim
Watch the sunset at the same hour
With spring rolls and sweet and sour
Watch the sunset
Watch the sunset
And the beach for all to scour

The Philippines is the best place
To travel any time
I wouldn’t trade it any place
Have friends there for long time
It is the shore that I call home
It may not be Paris or Rome
It is the shore
It is the shore
And I’ll always be there to roam***

*** Trijan Refrain

The year 2016 was a very important year for us. It was the year of travel, love and marriage. We celebrated our Pearl Wedding Anniversary (30 years). We went to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia in February to celebrate it. I flew to the Philippines first and took my mother and aunt to Hong Kong. Then after 10 days, Him Indoors followed. We went to the beautiful island of Coron in Palawan, then stayed some days in Manila to see friends and relatives. We flew to Singapore and visited Him Indoors’ brother and family, then off to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. That was our 30 years wedding anniversary celebration.

In May, HRH the son and beautiful K got married in the UK. The son was 24 and K – 23. It was a lovely wedding in Towcester and families from Canada, Ireland, India and Philippines came, as well as friends from the UK and Germany. There were 200 guests. Then, in August, their Indian wedding/reception in the south of India, Cochin. K’s family were there, as well as us, and Him Indoors’ brothers and their families. There was a three-day wedding reception, with henna party and the ceremony in a temple. More than 500 guests came.

Then we went on a tour around the south of India, from Cochin to Thekaddy. We had a boat trip, tea-plantation visit, tiger reserve tour, spice tour, etc. It was an experience of a lifetime.



  1. Lady Lee, I love your holiday poems and pictures. The first and third poems made me want to pack my bags and head over to the Philippines to sit on the beaches and eat ice cream. The warm air that envelopes you, the warm water. mmmm I’ve never been there = at least farther than the airport. Thanks for posting. Lots of love.

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    1. thank you, Marsha 🙂 so glad you like my poems. Yes, I’m flying to the Philippines in a week and couldn’t wait…. seeing my mother, friends and family ❤ hope one day you can be there, too 🙂 have a great week ❤

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