HRH the son is 30 today

The son’s birthday

The son’s 30 today

Today is such a great day

Today the 2nd of May

May he have the best

May all his dreams come true

True in spirit

True to form

Form from the start

Form he likes to fill

Fill our lives with love

Fill us with hope

Hope for the future

Hope for the best

Best of luck

Best he could ever be

Be a good son

Be a good husband

Husband to beautiful K

Husband oh he’s doing great

Great fun and all

Great in his job

Job after his Master’s

Job that he likes

Likes to play video

Likes to play golf

Golf like crazy golf

Golf on his birthday

Birthday with 30 candles

Birthday in London

London’s a great city

London in the park

Park and ride

Park to celebrate

Celebrate in a restaurant

Celebrate with cocktails

Cocktails and other drinks

Cocktails such a fun time

Time is running fast

Time of his life

Life ahead

Life together

Together with K

Together forever

Forever and ever

Forever and a day

Day of fun

Day full of memories



(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • The Blitz Poem