Boats or Ships Quotes

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Slow Drag with Branches of Pine” by Ama Codjoe: winding, holding, looking, face, combs, river, sing, breeze, drag, creak, sway, cheek

As the boat sway with the breeze

Sailing the river, singing a song

Looking at your face with ease

Of winding streams and all the trees

Dragging the past which is wrong

As the boat sway with the breeze

Holding hands making appease

Creak the floorboards and sound of gong

Looking at your face with ease

Giving each other a squeeze

Cheek to cheek we both belong

As the boat sway with the breeze

Combing the river the day we seize

Together we are that strong

Looking at your face with ease

Sailing along that is one of the keys

As long as we do get along

As the boat sway with the breeze

Looking at your face with ease*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • A Villanelle


The joy we share one breezy day

As we walk by the lake we sway

Hand in hand we swing and make jokes

And so not a care in the world

The boat pass by with the sail furled

And as we look up the great oaks

We hope that we will last that long

Our love story in a song

And with all our loves and our hopes**

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

**The Nove Otto

I am sailing on dinghy boat
With a mast powered by the wind
I have fun, hope it stays float
Twenty five knots and a crosswind

Need to learn some racing tactics
The sails, the trim and all the mix
Side to side balance of the boat
An elegant sport to note

I keep sailing until I’m old
Feeling with the wind and water
When everything is in controlled
Singing a song for all drifters

I am sailing across the seas
With the birds up high and the breeze
Sailing is life or death for me
Challenge definitely with glee

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

Today I feel lucky, my friend
A day to myself to spend
Row, row, row my boat, such a thrill
The river flowing up a hill

As I pick up a book to read
A page turner just as I fancied
Love story that is so real
The river flowing up a hill

Wanting to find the how and why
Don’t want to end when they say bye
Could row this boat until Brazil
The river flowing up a hill

Couldn’t wait to see what is next
For I know that life is perplexed
Passing by the moor and the mill
The river flowing up a hill***

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

*** Kyrielle



      1. I suppose I’d get seasick on a boat that was tossing and turning. Most of the boats I go on are too large and in calm waters, so I don’t suffer from that. I went over the boat and down a waterfalls underwater in a life jacket when I was young. I didn’t get sick, but I never did that kind of boating again – river rafting. 🙂

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