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Meet our three tortoises – Gin, Rex and Niki. We first had Gin when HRH the son was 9 (he’s now 30) as a birthday present. The son and Gin were good friends, Gin following the son in the house and Gin loved to patrol around the house. On the son’s 10th birthday, we had Rex. Then one day, Gin managed to escape out of our garden and we were all sad, so we bought Niki. Three weeks later, a neighbour found Gin and returned to us, hence the three tortoises. They are ideal pets, out in the garden in the summer and they hibernate for three months in the winter. HRH the son doesn’t live with us anymore but these three tortoises are still our loving pets.

‘Where time is drowned in odour-laden winds
And Druid moons, and murmuring of boughs,’

On a sleepy town a harp is heard
Sweet melody drown in misty clouds
In confusion and chaos floundered
Enveloped in some fusty air shrouds

Apple bough laden with blossom
On its branch the tweeting of a bird
Next to the tree a pile of animal totem
Soaring at a great height some buzzard

Lovers lay down on grass wet with dew
Beside them a basket of fruit and drinks
Like the world’s just revolved on the two
And everything will disappear in a blink

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

I am the queen of the jungle, hear me roar
I love nature, trees, animals and seashore
Wild at heart, exploring open spaces
I climb, jump, bounce like cheetahs
I made my house on top of the tree
I love talking to animals with glee
If I want to, I can jump off waterfalls
I run down the hill and do a cannonball
I learn a lot by observing animals
From birds, butterflies and beetles
I’m their friend, looking after them
I can even write them a prose or poem
I make jewellery out of shells and barks
Sing a song like a song of a meadowlark
I love my simple life, eat when I want
No worries, I’m quite nonchalant
Zip line from one jungle to another
Or go to the lake or river that’s bluer
I’m Ladylee – queen of the jungle!

Waking up in a cosy house
Aroma of baking in the kitchen
Seeded loaf in the oven and coffee brewing
Outside are some chicken and grouse

Grouse for dinner so delicious
Fresh eggs and milk from the cows for breakfast
The delight we feel as we wander through the farm
Swimming in the lake is gorgeous

Gorgeous is living in the farm
Hay bale, barn, some crops and vegetables, too
Smell of manure hangs thickly over the air
We don’t mind that, there is no harm

Harm no animals, joy they bring
Always with muddy boots as we work here
Might be hard work but we’re getting enough workout
The sun is up so we’re waking*

The RemyLa Rhyme Form



  1. Wow, you have quite an assortment of animals here, Lady Lee. I have read that tortoises live for about 80 years. Yours haven’t even reached middle age yet! Isn’t that amazing? Nature is a great inspiration for poetry. Have a great week, my friend.

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