RDP Thursday – BUOYANT

The realm of reason in a heartbeat

Allow me to have a serene voyage

Satisfice, result might be bittersweet

Not everyone loyal, that’s annoying

Not everyone telepathic as well

Soft touching of my lips and I’m bouyant

Affix brave and I come out of my shell

Beating my chest I know I could do it

For I always have a story to tell

Even with lower esteem I don’t quit

Pragmatic as always even with doubt

Come what may, either make it or lose it

I could be lost but I choose my own route

Challenging and having fun on the way

And when I reach the top I need to shout

Clouds might be grey, still I play and sway

Could also be a small annoyance

Even with pain I’m still here to stay

I know the time when to fight or to flight

Road might be rough but I think I’m alright

The realm of reason in a heartbeat

Satisfice, result might be bittersweet*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

  • The Lauranelle

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