Sunday Confessionals : Favourites

“That was a good night’s sleep!” Sophia said as she stretched her arms. She was glad that she’d have a day off today, after the toxic 2 days in the hospital. She lazily started her day, had a long and luxurious shower, drank her coffee and cooked herself an omelet with lots of onions and mushrooms. She planned to go to town first then meet Lawrence for coffee. It’s their second “monthsary” and they were celebrating it this afternoon. She decided to wear her sky blue dress with a nice pair of sandals.

Lawrence is a medical representative from a local pharmaceutical company and they met when he was introducing their new medicine. Sophia was on duty that day and for some reasons, they had a long conversation, first about the product, then about themselves. That was the start and now they’ve been going out for 2 months. There was something familiar about Lawrence; she just couldn’t figure it out.

The city centre wasn’t that crowded, so she leisurely passed her time window shopping. She went to the book shop and saw that her Dad’s book was on the best sellers list. She bought one, had it gift wrapped and planned to give it to Lawrence that afternoon. How she missed her Dad, who passed away 10 years ago. She wished he was still here, she knew that he would be proud of her being a doctor. It was a good thing that she found a folder with her Dad’s handwritten manuscript. She read it and was really amazed. The story took her breath away. So she typed it, sent it to a publisher who had it published, and now, it was selling like hotcakes.

Lawrence was already waiting for her at the café. He looked so handsome and charming in an understated manner. He was happy to see Sophia, kissed her on the cheek and ordered their cappuccino. He gave her a box of Belgian chocolate and she gave him her present. They thanked each other. He opened his present, looked at the front page, read the title loudly. Sophia said this was her Dad’s book. He looked at the back page and saw the picture of Sophia’s Dad when he was younger. He was shocked and turned all white.

“Are you alright?” asked Sophia, getting worried.

“I think we should stop seeing each other,” said Lawrence softly.

“What! What do you mean?” almost crying.

“I don’t know how he did it, how he led a double life….but your Dad was also my Dad.”



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