Mountains and Rocks Quotes

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Cape Cod” by George Santayana: thin, pine, salt, charred, burned, fly, huge, sorrow, deep, shore, wind, become

I will climb the mountain for you

And with strong wind I will fly for you

My skin might be burned or charred I don’t mind

I’d cross the shore that much I knew

Knew that this is who I become

At the foot of a ragged deep ravine

I will be waiting for one day I know you’d come

And my world would not be so glum

Glum and sorrow when you’re not here

And it is like adding salt to my wound

And there is a huge difference when you are here

When you’re near me I’m full of cheer

Cheers to us we’ll fly in the sky

And of course we’ll climb the highest mountain

Together we could even cross the seven seas

As long as it is you and I*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • The RemyLa Rhyme Form


in the light of the moon

with heavy heart

cracking the code on hollow rock

ache as the soul attune

we’re apart

look sideways out the door I walk

as spirits abound

sacred vow

as hard as a rock so sturdy

and the world may astound

feast and how

owl stood as we watch birdie

the power as it plays

cover ground

together in our hearts and souls

finding ways in the maze

all around

with that achieving our goals**

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

** The Tri-fall




  1. Lovely post, Lady Lee. I had never heard that song, and it is gorgeous. Your poems and pictures are fabulous. “At the foot of a ragged deep ravine, I will be waiting for one day I know you’d come.” I just finished watching a mini-series on Netflix you’d like. It’s called Keep Breathing. This line in quotes reminds me of that series. Your mountain pictures are stunning. I would hate to be lost on them like the girl in the series was. To be surrounded by such beauty is wonderful when we can get back to civilization.

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