Work Ethic Quotes

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The Point” by C. Dale Young: doctor, barely, prophecy, deep, spread, stalled, owl, ferries, calm, study, rising, Spanish

I wanted to be a doctor

And I need to study harder

Lots of things happened, I stalled

And I took Spanish instead

Barely started and then we wed

Prophecy and life so entralled

And I did other things calmly

And spreading hope like Gandhi

The rise and fall of what I was called*

(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • Nove Otto




Twirling girls

With their white dress

As seen from the top

Could also be flowers

Four dainty flowers in glass

All for us to admire with awe

Such beauty, such work of art, such joy

They could be four girls dancing with pleasure**

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

** an Etheree

Outside this threadbare door

Beyond bliss

Mystery can be drawn to mend

A broken heart or more


To mourn perhaps and then amend

Life’s like soap opera

Ups and downs

We work, play, drive, talk to people

Carry on with saga

Beyond this door is the sequel

Catalogue beyond bliss

Chipped and marked

But that’s the wonder of it all

Life’s with bits and pieces

With excerpt

Carry on even if we fall***

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

*** The Tri-fall

First day of school
I didn’t cry
I met Dedette
We played together
And we’re still friends

First kiss, first love
Awkward and painful
Cried, broke my heart
I’ve learned some lessons

First job, medrep at Sanofi
Covered Port Area & Manila
And at the same time
Algebra teacher in college
My students older than me

First time to leave Philippines
I was 22 and off to Switzerland
Learned French and looked for a job
Worked at the United Nations for 2 years

First time to be a Mum
I was 32, and boy, that was great
Held him in my arms, my precious son
Stayed home Mum until he was 10
Time went so fast and he has to leave
For college to spread his own wings
Now he’s married to his beautiful K

First time to blog
Six years ago
Frightened to bits
Didn’t know what to expect
Now having fun and just writing