#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 288: #Tastetherainbow-Colour Poetry – My red bike

On my red bike bound for a quest
Mind the cracks on the road
With a bag strapped on my vest
Some calligraphy on the road
With a name that will make me cry
Tinged with emotion that says bye
With a name that
With a name that
In dark space that I go and sigh

On my red bike bound for a quest
Tap my horn as I pass
Might win the Cup I might have guessed
Passing by the bluegrass
Oh what a sight as I pass by
The gentle wind and the blue sky
Oh what a sight
Oh what a sight
Freedom I feel that I could fly

On my red bike bound for a quest
Him Indoors by my side
Happy and we are feeling blessed
On Sundays as we ride
To beer garden for chips and drinks
Singing as we cycle in syncs
To beer garden
To beer garden
Passing by some flowers in pinks*

* Trijan Refrain

For: https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/09/06/tankatuesday-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-288-tastetherainbow-color-poetry/


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