Reena’s Xploration Challenge #252 – Soul Actually

Chaos and disorder

Chaos in my soul

Soul dancing amidst chaos

Soul all over the place

Place where there’s creativity

Place with compassion

Compassion and wisdom

Compassion to other people

People of our lives

People who make us smile

Smile and the world smiles back

Smile even when we’re down

Down and out

Down for a while

While we are having coffee

While we are dancing

Dancing to groovy music

Dancing all night long

Long live chaos

Long live creativity

Creativity to do things

Creativity that makes us happy

Happy that I’m with you

Happy and content

Content of what life gives me

Content of the world

World of order in disorder

World of fun

Fun sun and sand

Fun cycling to the park

Park and drive

Park with all the flowers

Flowers fountain and lake

Flowers all for me

Me and you against the world

Me and you this autumn

Autumn leaves

Autumn my brother getting married

Married to a beautiful lady

Married start of their lives

Lives and future ahead

Lives together

Together forever

Together with love

Love makes the world go round

Love actually

Actually is everywhere

Actually is fun



(c) ladyleemanila 2022

  • The Blitz Poem


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