October gave a party

Hello everyone. We’ve just got back from England for my brother’s wedding. It was fun and everyone was there – me and Him Indoors, HRH the son and beautiful K, my brother and his bride, nephews and nieces, and friends old and new. They were married in Coventry Register Office where we got married 36 years ago. Coventry Register Office adjoins a medieval manor house, which in the 14th Century, was part of the estate of Edward III, who settled it on the Black Prince.  The weather was lovely then we had the reception in Telegraph Hotel.

The iconic Telegraph building at 157 Corporation Street was home to the city’s newspaper for more than 50 years. Just imagine the buzz and bustle of journalists and machinists producing four printed editions every single day. The scene is more laid-back since its conversion into a chic new hotel putting Coventry in the news with headline-grabbing features that bring style and comfort to the city. Forme & Chase – the restaurant, bar and lounge is bringing back some authentic 1950s glamour. The theme was bohemian and we decorated the place. It was wonderful!

I found some photos of our wedding 36 years ago, a bit faded… wonderful memories…

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  1. Congratulations, Lady Lee. One of those men looks like Johnny Depp – a young Johnny! Your brother and his bride make a handsome couple. What a lovely place with lovely memories! Including some of your pictures from 36 years ago would have made this gorgeous post even more nostalgic! How fun that you were married in the same place. I love your choice of music, too. Have a great November – can it even compete?

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