My course in World Literature

I have just started this online course, Modern Masterpieces in World Literature from Harvard University. Professors Damrosch and Puchner are the course instructors. This short literature course examines how writers reach beyond national and linguistic boundaries as worldly readers and travellers, and how their modern fictions rise to the status of world literature. These masterpieces of modern world literature take part in a tradition of weaving small stories into ambitious projects—one that reaches back to medieval tales and extends forward to contemporary novels. So far I have done Goethe and the birth of world literature and 1001 nights. I have taken two section quizzes and now reading Voltaire’s Candide. There are eight sections all together. The videos in each section are very informative and interesting. I am enjoying this course and hopefully could finish it on time.


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  1. judeitakali

    Extraordinary share. Thank you.

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    1. ladyleemanila

      you’re welcome, Jude 🙂

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  2. utahan15

    the play on words would be then zadig had a helluva nadir.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. ladyleemanila

      thank you 🙂


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