“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude”

So grateful
To Him Indoors who is my light
So grateful
We fly, we sing and we giggle
On my journey he is my knight
Promising me that it’s alright
So grateful*

* Rondelet

Thanking my mother for everything
For her unconditional love
For her support and guidance
For her sense of humour
Sticking to us
Talking to us
Pitch perfect

** Nonet

Very grateful to the son and lovely wife
To my dad who I yearn to still be with us
Miss him so, we’ll see him in our afterlife

My siblings, strands of my life who are gracious
My nephews and nieces as they all grow up
My relatives and friends, who are so priceless

My health, job and all the rest of the lineup
All the machines that I need, keep me going
My blogging, the internet and its linkup

So grateful to all them and the love they bring
Each one of them giving my life some meaning***

*** Terza Rima

Home and garden

Home with family

Family on the road

Family taking photographs

Photographs and memories

Photographs of gratitude

Gratitude of being together

Gratitude flowing

Flowing with the wind

Flowing tenderness

Tenderness and kindness

Tenderness without frills

Frills and laughter

Frills on the dress

Dress up for dinner

Dress up the tree

Tree for Christmas

Tree with silver bows

Bows and stars

Bows tied on the finger

Finger and toes

Finger in the shadow

Shadow of plants

Shadow in the garden

Garden with gnomes

Garden where children play

Play hide and seek

Play until dark

Dark nights

Dark chocolates

Chocolates of delight

Chocolates my favourite

Favourite season

Favorite song

Song we listen

Song for you and me

Me in the middle

Me loving you

You are my star

You are my knight

Knight with shining armour

Knight tower of strength

Strength with valour

Strength and wisdom

Wisdom to do right

Wisdom to share

Share what we have

Share and share alike



****Blitz poetry

For: https://alwayswrite.blog/2022/11/23/wqw-45-thanksgiving-gratitude/


  1. I love the line, “Tenderness without frills” It says it all, my friend. We love the frills, but the real thing is tenderness without any frills. If we have that, we have it all. I hope I can be that tender. I struggle with it sometimes and forget to be grateful instead of tender. I will keep your line in my heart. Have a wonderful day of thanksgiving and gratitude, my friend.

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