Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Quirky Foods

Trying street food in the Philippines is fun but challenging
Emerge yourself by tasting some weird food like balut and kwek-kwek
But also be prepared to have some belly ache afterwards

Street food in Manila is cheap but you can’t be sure
It’s very popular but you also have to be careful
You never know where they come from and might not suit your system

street food
challenging enough
cheap and fun
you can get them anytime
tell me what you think*


What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
I’ve eaten sushi, balut (a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell), chicken’s feet, tripe, fish eyeballs, black pudding, steak tartare, frog’s legs, horse, kangaroo, crocodile, dog, drunken shrimp, giraffe, lemurs, etc.

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