My first snow and other chilly days

We never really have winter in the Philippines
I was 23 when I first saw snow in Switzerland
I was ecstatic and took a photo of myself
I couldn’t believe my eyes and I tried to taste it
Now, living in Bavaria, we have nice winter
I love winter, with its candy floss snow!

What a beautiful day! I woke up this morning to this pure and bright snowy day. Him Indoors had to shovel the snow in our garden path, as well as the front of our house, between the garages. He didn’t mind at all, it’s like his morning exercise. And I have to take lots of photos. I love taking photos, especially of the different seasons. Just like Thursday morning, we came back from our morning swim and the sky was brilliant. Sunny morning, clear sky, we can see the Alps from our place. Simply wonderful!

a snowy morning
black bird perch up the tree
waiting to get food

fresh snow falling
so pure and white all over
a bright day ahead

winter this year
when snow covers our garden
buries our treasures

after snowfall
bright and beautiful blue sky
walking in the fields

passing by the cracked ice on sea
sun sets on this blue world
sailing on the water bleakly
climate change, what we hurled
what have we done, everything’s changed
the whole thing appears misarranged
what have we done?
what have we done?
like a couple being estranged

passing by the cracked ice on sea
on my own with my boat
don’t know why you left me, I’m free
and I’m keeping afloat
what have I done, you can’t forgive?
have to put into perspective
what have I done?
what have I done?
harsh destiny I have to live

passing by the cracked ice on sea
as all my years unfold
I have been through life adversely
different phases being scrolled
what must I do, to be content?
with my sins I start to repent
what must I do?
What must I do?
adjust my life how it was meant*

*Trijan Refrain


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  1. Marsha

    bRRR That’s quite a video, isn’t it? What a beautiful couple and a sad story. You are the romantic. You make even heavy snow feel romantic, Lady Lee. My hands are cold just thinking about playing in the snow and tossing snow in the air, but it’s a lovely post! Thanks for both posts this week, my friend.


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