Chapter six – move to Munich with my earl

This is a place which I call my home
Where I ever learn my lessons
Some ideas flitted through my mind
In the spirit of God and Rome
Sometimes this looks like a honeycomb
A cycle of confusion
The essence of all drama combined
Translated peace, the word shalom
The music is like a palindrome
Things I do seasons to seasons
A place where I could just rewind
In spiral pattern as I roam
This is a place which I call my home
Where I ever learn my lessons
Some ideas flitted through my mind
In the spirit of God and Rome
A simple life, a happy home
Stable jobs and good health, too

In the journey of life, it’s not always smooth sailing
Rough ways, getting lost, storms and other set-backs
We can’t stand still as the sky might fall
After rainy days we see flowers blooming
The daffodils, tulips, bluebells and the lilacs
We go through life, don’t have to look for cure-all

When we see a bridge, do we stop or cross it?
Do we choose another way or see where it leads?
And when life is not going according to our plans
It’s tough, problems come and go but let’s not quit
There’s always a reason, all according to our deeds
Think of the future generation, think of our clans

Like a vicious cycle that keeps on repeating itself
Do we go with the waves or find another way?
Do we weep for the lost dream or create a new one?
Whatever we do, we’re all responsible for ourselves
Be they bright or grey, be swayed and find our way
Life is brilliant, let’s not give up and let’s have fun

She came second, but acted like the first
She needn’t say a word, now she’s well-versed
Quiet and always with a book, while the siblings dance
They’ve done the lot, but she maintained her resistance
They have a happy childhood, with hundreds of cousins
They played, they swam, they partied and other actions
She got her degree in Chemistry with a loyalty medal
She went to Europe and saw her first snow and castle
There she met someone in the lab and romance bloomed
Six months in the lab and the relationship mushroomed
But got separated because both want to experience more
Then they came back and decided it was forevermore
A son was born and the three played house with a garden
Everything revolved around the son, which was part of a bargain
Until the time came, when the son left and emptied the nest
The couple couldn’t complain, they were happy and blessed
Now back to being two, they’re enjoying being SKIers
Spending Kids Inheritance, by going to different places
Experiencing life to the full while they still can
Ticking their Bucket List in their life span

Him Indoors and his football
I love shopping in the mall
Through thick and thin with Him Indoors
All these years collecting memoir
He plants some flowers for me, so sweet
He cooks at the weekend, such a treat
We talk, we fight, we compromise, that’s all
Together we brace the storm and rainfall
We’ve seen different places all over the world
And in our dream world together we unfurled

Love breaks my bone and I laugh
Charles Bukowski said that, I mull
What does it mean to me and you?
I know you always make me laugh
When I’m down, you try to put me up
Either by talking about it or other ways
Or you’d do weird stuff that I forget
And I notice all the flowers around
All the ones you’ve planted for me
The brew of the café in the carafe
Pancit you cooked which made me full
Hydrangea and irises, flowers that are blue
The air is full of your good-nature chaff
When it’s empty you put tea in my cup
And you’re always there to give me praise
I’m glad to have you, you’re such an asset
After all these years, you make me astound
With thee my life is full of love and glee

I give you the key to my heart

There was silence at the start

My friend every step of the way

As we settle down we can sway never apart

We fight, we make up like circle

No smoke but life’s a sparkle

Creeping in and out of the door

Faith, hope, love, trust and so much more round the circle*

*The Florette

Ridge the soil so we can bike in park
It’s the power of spring
Life’s full of strings as we spread our wings
Glass always full see what it can bring

Spray the trees with optimism
Salt of the earth we all are
As we spread our wings life’s full of strings
No limits as we reach for the star

Places to see such wonderful sight
The shack’s there for us to rest
Life’s full of strings as we spread our wings
And in this world we all do our best**

**ZaniLa Rhyme

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