Chapter nine – enjoying motherhood and I cope


“Are we there yet, Mum?”

“We’re running late, kung-fu is starting…”

“Go, Mum, go, you shouldn’t wait for that lot!”

“It was very funny today, so and so said this…”

“Don’t change it, I want Energy – cool!”

And so on and so on. I miss that little guy. He used to sit with his Mum first thing in the morning, on the way to school, sometimes he was still half-asleep. And when we picked him up, he was full of beans, telling us what happened to school and who did what and who was silly and so on and so on. Sometimes, one or two friends came back with him home and they messed around at the back. Sometimes, he would stay with his friends overnight. Sometimes, we had to ferry him from one activity to the next – kung-fu, karate, football, guitar, squash, etc. My boot was usually full of his bits and pieces – smelly gym and football kits, squash racket, guitar, etc. He’s not little anymore, and he may be driving his own car but I still miss that little guy.

red mini is me
I am more than ten years old
I used to drive him
to school, back and everywhere
and now, just his Mum to work

Many moons ago, when HRH the son was around 4, we decided to have a skiing holiday in Austria. It was a really nice skiing resort and the son had free skiing lessons in the children’s club for 4 days. That meant, Him Indoors and I had some free time to ourselves. The sun was shining, snow covered the hills and mountains, leaves had fallen and such a bright day. We walked around and watched the son and the other children learned to ski. We watched other people skiing and snow-boarding.

Leaves had fallen
On a cold and snowy day
Wonderful winter

“This can’t be that hard,” that’s what we thought, the son and I. The son was six and he just finished his Music Appreciation and the teacher asked if he wanted to learn a new instrument. The teacher showed and played the piano, guitar, flute, cello and other instruments and the son chose piano. I thought I’d learn to play piano, too. So we asked Evgani, the Russian teacher if he could come to our house and give us some lessons.

Evgani came once a week and the son would have an hour’s lesson, then me. It wasn’t that easy! We were supposed to practice during the week, but because of other activities (karate, football, sleep over, play dates), we were not able to practice. Evgani would come and both of us would play in a haphazard way. We managed to play tunes in the end, but I was so embarrassed that every time he came, I’d put the washing machine on so as to create some other noise. After a year, we both gave it up and moved on to do other things. Oh well.

Moments come, moments go, regrets I have a few
Too few that I won’t bother mentioning them
I could queue or brew but never feel blue
Hope my high spirit doesn’t lead to a mayhem

As I pirouetted and moonwalked across the room
I also fluttered around, overwhelmed by things around
I just do things the way I like them – vroom and zoom
Treat each place like a playground or campground

I was just as resolute in my resolve not to be miserable
That I will appreciate the diminutive things in life
And even if I fail, I don’t mind and just be as graceful
Perhaps my lack of shame is going to get me into strife

Play and laugh with children, don’t neglect them
I decided to remain positive even on cloudy days
To achieve surprise, I’ve learned how to use stratagem
Life is exciting, I’ve learned to be just as amaze

Even when something has been stained and spilled
Or broken, I just have to pick up the pieces and move on
I’m always thrilled, don’t see my life as unfulfilled
I can go on and on, I think it best to comment thereon

Don’t forget, it’s a great, wonderful life we have
It provided me for the rest of my life with a salve

Here’s to the glow that gives us cheer
Twinkle in our eyes that’s our year
Open, close, funny, sad, it’s ours
Wrap in tinsels, blow our candles
Who’s keeping score? We can handle
All these shining in our memoirs
Like the girl in curls all blushing
Seeing her that boy is rushing
Clink their glasses look up the stars*

Nove Otto

Outside this threadbare door

Beyond bliss

Mystery can be drawn to mend

A broken heart or more


To mourn perhaps and then amend

Life’s like soap opera

Ups and downs

We work, play, drive, talk to people

Carry on with saga

Beyond this door is the sequel

Catalogue beyond bliss

Chipped and marked

But that’s the wonder of it all

Life’s with bits and pieces

With excerpt

Carry on even if we fall**

**The Tri-fall

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