Sunday Confessionals : The Recipe

Recipe I like to share

Recipe of my perfect day

Day with Him Indoors

Day of fun and romance

Romance with flowers he plants for me

Romance by giving me tea in the morning

Morning and the sun shines

Morning walk or cycle

Cycle to the park

Cycle to the beer garden

Garden full of flowers blooming

Garden with our three tortoises

Tortoises awake from their hibernation

Tortoises nice to see them again

Again and the day is perfect

Again HRH the son rings

Rings to say hello

Rings to say they’re buying a house

House in the south of England

House with beautiful K

K who’s a doctor

K and the son love each other

Other than the house they’re doing OK

Other day I met some friends

Friends and we had coffee

Friends and we went shopping

Shopping till we drop

Shopping I bought a pair of jeans

Jeans perfectly fit

Jeans and a nice shirt

Shirt I’ll wear for our date

Shirt good for spring

Spring I love spring

Spring and the birds sing

Sing me a song of love

Sing me a song of hope

Hope so we can cope

Hope and everything’s fine

Fine day for all

Fine day no hustle

Hustle and bustle of life

Hustle but it’s a challenge

Challenge we have to go through

Challenge we have to take

Take our time

Take it easy

Easy comes easy goes

Easy and relax



(c) ladyleemanila 2023



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