Friday Fictioneers – Butterfly, flower, I

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

As the wind whispers, a butterfly hovers and I ponder
Will it know that there’s no more nectar?
That the sultry weather, made the flower falter?
And I sway and sweat in the veranda

A moment of tangency, for us three
The butterfly, the flower and I
I close my eyes, asking all the whys
The flower’s dead, the mocha butterfly and I sigh

Situation so fragile, a day so blissful
As I flicker my eyelashes
Widen my pupils, forget all battles
We’re all separated, what’s the fuzz?*

(c) ladyleemanila

* Triquatrain form


For: 23 February 2018 Friday Fictioneers, Bonus Wordle “Moment of Tangency”


Constant – Daily Prompt

Sailing the ship
Taking bullet trains
Taking a stand
Of what’s proper
And good for humanity
Constant craving

Travelling to distant lands
Stretching my mind and muscles
Staying with you
Through thick and thin
With trust and devotion
Constant craving

Eating fish and chips
Charging like a bull
In a porcelain shop
Burning midnight oil
Blogging and posting
Constant craving

Walking on a path
Sometimes crooked lines
Enjoying my freedom
And being with you
Searching for truths
Constant craving

For: Constant

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Spicy – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018

plant our own peppers
some are spicy, some are not
the joy of harvest

add salt and pepper
they give a bit of a kick
to flavour the food

you are my pepper
adding spice to my life
and I am your salt

Three years ago, Him Indoors decided to plant a variety of chillies. We love eating spicy food and it was a new project for him. So he ordered the seeds and was so excited when they arrived. He printed and made some labels with their descriptions and the level of hotness for each variety. Some of the chillies were Jalapenos Hungarian Wax, Serrano, Aji Amarillo, Scotch bonnet, Habanero, cayenne pepper and Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia – from 2,500 to 1million Scovilles.

It was still winter when he started so he germinated them in the house, in a sort of incubation boxes, then moved them near the window sills where the sun shined. They started growing. We watched them grow, some faster than the others. He looked after them, watered them and fed them. Soon, he transferred them to some pots and as the weather improved, he moved them out in the garden.

When they were a bit bigger, we gave some away to friends as presents, so they could also have their chilli plants. They were delighted to receive them. We harvested them when they were ready. It was a delight seeing a variety of them in different colours and sizes – orange, purple, red, yellow, green. We cooked curries, salsas, jerks, arrabiatas, and add a fresh chilli or two every time we prepared our meal. We dried some of them by putting them in our airing cupboard and some were made into chilli sauce by adding some lemon juice, oil and pasteurising them. He used goggles and hand gloves when he made the sauce. We had to open all the windows as he cooked them. They were too hot to handle. Or sometimes, I cycled or walked out of the house, did some errands so I didn’t have to experienced their vapours.

One time, he was making a sauce of the hottest variety, the Bhut Jolokia (1,001,304 Scovilles – now, truly the hottest chilli pepper around). He took all the precautions, by wearing eye goggles and hand gloves. The kitchen became too hot as he was cooking them and he was getting uncomfortable and sweaty. Not thinking properly, he took his goggles off and wiped his brow with his gloved hand, but oh boy, he regretted that. Too hot to handle – he quickly washed his eyes and face with cold running water, muttering some swear words under his breath. Poor Him Indoors, what an experience with his chilli plants.

For: Spicy – ABC of Love

Compromise – Daily Prompt


in a remote village of Nakakatakot
lived a woman called Manding
once a month she changed
to a monster called Manananggal
black wings appeared on her back
she separated her top from her torso
and flew away as the night grew dim
she needed some foetus
sucked their livers and hearts
she said she could smell pregnant women
she tried to stop herself but in vain
this power or accursed was passed on
to her by her mother
as a compromise, she tried to fly far away
away from her village, away from neighbours
hence they wouldn’t be her victims


We’ve got to collaborate to serve and care for the community.
There’s no need to compromise for their concerns.
It’s also our concern. Look at the present state – not a good sight.
Let’s now forget decades of inaction and stop blaming everyone.
Let’s forgive ourselves and move on. It’s time for action.
It’s time to listen, chat and contact them.
Time to cooperate and pull our resources together.
Prioritise and organise. Help our community all the way.
If not now, when? Let’s be proud of our community!

For: Compromise

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