Worth A Thousand Words # 6 – Dream of paradise

Photo credit: pasja1000 @ pixabay.com

A poem dedicated to my dream
Dream of paradise on earth
Earth with the birds that glide
Glide to freedom from birth

Gentle waves from my balsa
Balsa from one island to the next
Next stop God knows where
Where I could send Him a videotext

Blue sky and white sandy beach
Beach I walk with bare feet
Feet paddling in the bottom
Bottom of my heart such treat

Sleek things are made of this
This, that, over, above, near, far
Far away from the maddening crowds
Crowds nowhere but at night bright star

From head to toe I feel fine
Fine day this dream to last
Last but not the least, with Him
Him Indoors always with a blast*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Loop Poetry

For:  Worth A Thousand Words # 6


– Tomasz

Sailing Through Time
Berto always wanted to sail
He was used to howling gale
In the emptiness of open water
Months and months where they were
Like a photo in a panel, so ideal
Repairing and putting lacquer in the hull
Where medusa and fishes freely swim
But sometimes their lives were pretty grim
An atmosphere impregnated with tension
Sometimes being reviled on what they’ve done
A dream to give a good future for the family
Chrysalism on storms, he needs to be free
For his children and the next generation
A guiding light like a bright beacon
Sometimes he feels sorry he left them
But he doesn’t want to be condemn
Not seeing how his children grow
He’s used to the way the water flow
Not being with the love of his life
He’d give everything to his wife

(c) ladyleemanila





Sunday Photo Fiction – On my red bike bound for a quest

Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

On my red bike bound for a quest
Mind the cracks on the road
With a bag strapped on my vest
Some calligraphy on the road
With a name that will make me cry
Tinged with emotion that says bye
With a name that
With a name that
In dark space that I go and sigh

On my red bike bound for a quest
Tap my horn as I pass
Might win the Cup I might have guessed
Passing by the bluegrass
Oh what a sight as I pass by
The gentle wind and the blue sky
Oh what a sight
Oh what a sight
Freedom I feel that I could fly

On my red bike bound for a quest
Him Indoors by my side
Happy and we are feeling blessed
On Sundays as we ride
To beer garden for chips and drinks
Singing as we cycle in syncs
To beer garden
To beer garden
Passing by some flowers in pinks*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain


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FOWC with Fandango — Essential


He woke up alone on the shore of an unfamiliar beach…

He could feel a gentle and kind wind. The sun was peeking through the clouds. A green boat was passing by. He watched the couple whispering sweet things into each other’s ears. He also passed by the playground where children were swinging and sliding. Try as he might, he couldn’t remember anything. What happened? Why was he here? Where was Julia? And there was a pocket knife clipped to his pocket, why? He was getting anxious and it was essential to know what was going on ….and then his watch played some music….time to wake up!

For: FOWC with Fandango — Essential