Walk in the shadow of the night – 100 Word Wednesday: Week 23

Image Credit Jesse Williams

Walk in the shadow of the night in trance
Give me a chance to whisper like a wind
Like I was pinned within touch with romance
At the entrance of the diner with grin
Rancid water ridged with ripples
Touched by angels on the altar
Such a delight when I saw you
Who I knew was my knight
And a miracle so to speak
You kissed my cheek which made it right
Then you ignite like cliff-hanger
Like a myrrh of the night
Hand in hand we wander on the street
In your blue suit and my polka dot dress

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 23, Wordle 303 Jun 10 by brenda warren


On this ancient world my friend is sailing

Image Credit Ales Krivec

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “On a Distant Shore” by W.S. Merwin: crammed, rising, bare, humming, window, friend, sailing, light, breast, falling, ancient, small

On this ancient world my friend is sailing
Rising falling as the waves come and go
Like a small bird she can’t stop humming

The tower on the island she’s heading
Her boat crammed with things as she heave-ho
On this ancient world my friend is sailing

With bare necessities for her mooring
Window of opportunity to show
Like a small bird she can’t stop humming

Sky’s grey with red-breasted bird hovering
As light as a feather as the wind blows
On this ancient world my friend is sailing

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 21, Whirligig 114

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Praying for Manchester

Photo By Bikurgurl

Alec, my nephew, has always been an Ariana Grande fan. He has all her albums. He is saving all his pocket money and the money he earned when he worked last year for her concert. When I heard about the Manchester explosion, Alec was the first thing on my mind. My brother’s email came saying he wasn’t there. Alec went to Birmingham concert last Thursday and treated himself to a VIP ticket. I was relieved. But my heart goes out to all the young people who lost their lives, as well as the injured ones. Praying for Manchester. Love prevails.

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 20

Remember this one lovely, lonely soul?

Photo By William Stitt

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “People Like Us” by Robert Bly: confused, insomniac, wrong, dial, remember, lonely, soul, college, cleanses, thief, defender, hear

Remember this one lovely, lonely soul?
We used to be in college together
Still confused about things as she stroll
She dialled his number, there was no answer
“What’s wrong with me?” herself she can’t console
Just to hear his voice even if he errs
Couldn’t sleep, becoming an insomniac
Like a thief in the night, she wants him back

The trees around cleanse her mind, made her calm
She knows she herself is her defender
Be unruffled like a reader of a psalm
And in her life, she is the sole author
For brighter future she has no qualm*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Ottava Rima is a poem written in 8-line octives. Each line is of a 10 or 11 syllable count in the following rhyme:

one octive poem. abababcc
two octive poem. abababcc, dededeff
three octive poem. abababcc, dededeff, ghghghii

For: 100 Word Wednesday – Week 19, Whirligig 112 by Magical Mystical Teacher , OpenLinkNight #196 by Grace

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The girl with tattoos – 100 Word Wednesday

Image Credit: Felix Russel;-Saw

the girl with tattoos
tattoos that she choose
express her identity
marking her body
she walks in the field briskly

what do they all mean?
her life she’s the queen
in control of everything
she’s happy with them
they’re her finest gem
she wants to live life with zing

when will she stop?
perhaps it’s nonstop
like a form of addiction
continue till end
we can’t comprehend
what was done can’t be undone

she’s the girl with tattoos
she’s got different views
doesn’t want to be the same
with any others
we have no answers
just accept what she became

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 18, Writing Wednesday – 10 May 2017


Lovers in the City – 100 Word Wednesday – Week 17

Image Credit: Scott Webb

the lovers wander through the city
as they go about their shopping spree
they were walking in passion
met after work, now having fun
city so charming, they fell in love with it
lots of interesting places, they have to admit
several of the city’s skyscrapers are there
they won’t miss cafes and bars in the square
people strolling and chatting, city so vibrant
museums and places to eat on the front
holding hands in the park and the weather’s so good
watching people hither and thither as they stood
at night, all the lights are on and everything’s bright

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 17

Hold on tight and don’t let go

Image Credit: Bikurgurl’s Mother, SandraJune

Hold on tight and don’t let go
Chant to the world and win the battle
You’ve been hurt deeply by that oddball
Don’t waste it just because he miffed you
You can manage it, undo and unscrew
He wore his guilt like a gaudy jewellery
For hurting you, he’s such a snake
Briefly relegate the pain to limbo
Neither mourned nor forgotten
The experience makes you grow
What was done was done
Just lose its meaning and move on
Let bygones be bygones
Add things to your checklists
Time helps and things get better
Hold on tight to your anchor

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 16