Ten Things of Thankful – 7/14/17

I am thankful for the oatmeal which I have been having for the last couple of days. Oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and berries in the morning. Savoury oatmeal for lunch, for example with onions, tomatoes, mange tout and carrots. And for dinner, either vegetable soup like a minestrone or savoury oatmeal with chicken. This “oatmeal diet” has helped me reduced my blood sugar values, therefore, I also reduce the amount of insulin injection, and hopefully will help me lose weight. There’s always hope!


I am grateful for the lovely weather last Saturday, conducive to our cycling trip to one of our favourite beer gardens, the Waldwirthschaft. It was an hour cycling from our house to the beer garden, passing through the Perlacher Forest and the river Isar. We had beer and grilled fish and pretzel. There was a jazz band playing some lovely tunes. Such a lovely Saturday.

What other things am I grateful about?
Him Indoors with me who’s free from gout
Just rang my mother and she’s fine
She talked about her friends, that’s a good sign
My brother was sent home from his ship
Got to see a doctor, he needed the trip
His right shoulder will be operated
Glad he came home to be aided
HRH the son and his beautiful bride
A friend came for a visit, they’re the guides
And of course, our flowers in the garden
Always different, give us a lot of fun

So, what made you smile this week?

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New chests of drawers

Hello everyone. Just sharing with you today our new chests of drawers – well, Him Indoors project, by taking our old ones, making them look like small drawers and painting and varnishing them. Pretty cool!


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Boundless Challenge #2

Hello everyone! We’ve just had our dinner and it’s a delicious one. Our first butter chicken (after the beautiful daughter-in-law’s recipe which she cooked when she was here). It wasn’t the same, but I think it was yummy, hers was dryer, ours was a bit runny. Oh well, as Him Indoors said, we like it a bit runny!

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We had a nice bottle of white wine to go with it, followed by cheese and crackers.

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Writing Prompt #5 – Favourite memory of 2016


The year 2016 was a very important year for us. It was the year of travel, love and marriage. We celebrated our Pearl Wedding Anniversary (30 years). We went to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia in February to celebrate it. I flew to the Philippines first and took my mother and aunt to Hong Kong. Then after 10 days, Him Indoors followed. We went to the beautiful island of Coron in Palawan, then stayed some days in Manila to see friends and relatives. We flew to Singapore and visited Him Indoors’ brother and family, then off to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. That was our 30 years wedding anniversary celebration.

In May, HRH the son and his beautiful K got married in the UK. The son was 24 and K – 23. It was a lovely wedding in Towcester and families from Canada, Ireland, India and Philippines came, as well as friends from the UK and Germany. There were 200 guests. Then, in August, their Indian wedding/reception in the south of India, Cochin. K’s family were there, as well as us, and Him Indoors’ brothers and their families. There was a three-day wedding reception, with henna party and the ceremony in a temple. More than 500 guests came.


Then we went on a tour around the south of India, from Cochin to Thekaddy. We had a boat trip, tea-plantation visit, tiger reserve tour, spice tour, etc. It was an experience of a lifetime.

For: Writing Prompt #5 – Favourite memory of 2016

Note: I’ve just found a new challenge, Boundless Challenge and I thought I’d join in. It wasn’t last week’s events, but last year’s. Hope it’s still alright. Promise, I’ll do better next week.

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