B’S POETRY CHALLENGE #38 – Trustworthy

How I love thee
I trust you completely
My rock, my shoulder, my strength

Indeed we are together
Now and forever, I hope
Devoted to each other
Over the moon and far away
Or I’m lost without you
Reminiscing the experience we share
Super duper they are and really appreciate them

Trust the dust to be in the crust
I forgot to make the pancake when I was awake
It was a blustery Saturday yesterday

Gawk at the frocks at the parade
Cheerful carnival with their dirndl
Fun at the pun as the son spun

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


B’S POETRY CHALLENGE #36 – Challenging


Trying street food in the Philippines is fun but challenging
Emerge yourself by tasting some weird food like balut and kwek-kwek
But also be prepared to have some belly ache afterwards

Street food in Manila is cheap but you can’t be sure
It’s very popular but you also have to be careful
You never know where they come from and might not suit your system

street food
challenging enough
cheap and fun
you can get them anytime
tell me what you think*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* How to Write a Sijo

* There are three lines which average 14-16 syllables. The final count is 44-46 syllables;

* Line one introduces the theme;
* Line two elaborates on the theme;
* Line three introduces a counter-theme and concludes with a “twist”;

* Each line has a pause – or caesura – roughly in the middle (commas are great for this);
* Each half line is 6-9 syllables long;

* There is no end rhyme;
* There is no title;
* Western sijo are often printed in six lines, breaking lines at the pause.
…This is because a 16-syllable line is quite long – spilling beyond the space allotted to one printed line.



Thirty one years of devotedness and love
All the experience and our adventure
With you it’s like a cooing of a dove
Together we try to find some answer

We’ve made our home and oh so contented
Our son and bride join us and tortoises
We’re grateful to all and feeling so blessed
Places we’ve visited give us real buzz

We’re so different and we argue sometimes
Each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies
We have created our own paradigms
One thing for sure, the day we always seize

This month we celebrate our Anniversary
Thank you for making my life full of glee

(c) ladyleemanila 2017




Oh my head, a really sore headache
Too much to drink last night
I shouldn’t have taken that last shot
All the vodkas, rums and cocktails
And the cigarettes and shisha
No wonder we couldn’t remember
And the conversation got emotional
Feeling more sociable but somehow
There was some delayed reaction
Because it was hard to think and reason
You were a funny drunk, doing stupid stuff
She was an angry drunk, yelling at everyone
And wanted to argue and make a scene
While I was just as cool as an ice
Still in control of what I was doing
But feeling a slight bit dizzy, oh my head
A really sore headache… never again…





looking out from the darkness
sky so bright, blue sea and hills
looking out from the darkness

a peaceful rural idyll
where we could go for a walk
sky so bright, blue sea and hills

wearing jeans and white smock
meet my friend for a picnic
where we could go for a walk

we can paddle by the creek
splashing water, what fun
meet my friend for a picnic

we had a race and I won
“I let you win,” he shouted
splashing water, what fun

“I’m the winner,” I gloated
looking out from the darkness
“I let you win,” he shouted
looking out from the darkness





We were in the Philippines one holiday and the night was clear. All the stars, planets and the moon were there, and they were amazing to watch. So Him Indoors and I decided to lie down on the grass as we admired them. We felt so tiny compared to the universe, but glad that we were all part of it. Great night to remember!

starlight star bright
making a wish as we count
amazing wonder


wispy clouds across
boats rise and fall in the lock
lazy hazy day

sea lay without a ripple
cupped my hands and drank water

drips falling from lips
ah, the sweet taste of heaven
cool and refreshing

rough winds shake the darling buds
more lovely and temperate

palm trees swaying
clouds scudding across the sky
heaven knows why

have picnics by the seabed
open sunlit grass, cloudless

splashing with the waves
friends waiting for the sunset
the joy of summer

light of the silvery moon
never ending stories

all through the night
singing and dancing with joy
tired and sleepy

birds flying as dawn breaks
memories on shortest night

For: B’S POETRY CHALLENGE #13, twenty-eighth day of NaPoWriMo, April PAD Challenge: Day 28