Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 35 – PAST & FUTURE


me till end
forget the past
the future is in our hands together
we have to explore and experience life
over here and
over there
let’s go

the past is the past
we have the future together
till death do us part


Let go of your weaknesses, we all have them.

Let go of the problem, it will be dealt with one way or another.

Let go of what you’re afraid of, it’s by facing it head on that you’ll prevail.

Let go of the frustration, especially on the things we have no control.

Let go of the competition with others, just try your best.

Let go of the past, they will never come back. Accept. Concentrate on the now and the future.

What was right for you then is not necessarily right for you now. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather realising that you have changed, and then learning to start over with your new truth.

Let go and move on.

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 35 – PAST & FUTURE


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 34 – POWER & ALLURE


Love is powerful
It’s beautiful and intense
Romantic allure

Love is magical
Two hearts beating as one
Breathing the same air


Forget the past, concentrate on the present
Present hopefully brighter than the past
Past events, memories and experience
Experience the allure as we grow up
Up and away we could fly
Fly away, aim high, spirits soar
Soar and roar like a lion
Lion of great power and wisdom
Wisdom learned from the past

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 34 – POWER & ALLURE


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP


Spick and span
Feeling better afterwards
My weekly cleaning
Everything in its right place
Tidy place, peace in mind

Sharpen the knives
Before cutting the steak
Thin slices of steak
Goes with chips and salad
Ah heaven, our Friday meal

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


Liudvika comes for her weekly cleaning
She has her own key so she doesn’t ding
She dons her overalls and inspects what to do
But first she looks out to have a lovely view

She looks at the grimy windows and procrastinates
Her employers are lucky, she’s such a cheapskate
Her tongue so sharp and starts complaining
Then her mood changed and started singing

Of how poor she is then went out for a smoke
She thought of her country and her menfolk
The flare of the match lit up her face
She admires the vase and put it back in place

She looks at her fingernails, they needed cleaning
She looks at her hair, it needed bleaching
She starts attacking the war on dirty windows
They’ve got to be cleaned before it snows

Swish, slosh as the water goes, then wipes them dry
She made a sigh and then looks up the sky
One round won with windows at the ground floor
And she knows she has to tackle the floors

She deserves a break, so she rings up her friends
They talk about shopping and their boyfriends
She carries on cleaning until she’s done the hours
Such is the life of Liudvika, not sweet but sour

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 32 – LEAD & SAVE

The Monchielle is a poem that consists of four five-line stanzas where the first line repeats in each verse. Each line within the stanzas consist of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. The rhyme pattern is Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml.

The Monchielle form was created by Jim T. Henriksen.


Help! Everyone needs help
All we need is to ask
Somehow, someone will come
We tell them what was wrong
Or we can call our Mum

Help! Everyone needs help
Old man crossing the road
One asks for direction
A baby needs her feed
Cat on the tree, don’t run

Help! Everyone needs help
Like a drowning puppy
Poor dog, got to save him
Making his owner glad
It’s good that you can swim

Help! Everyone needs help
If we don’t act, who will?
It’s a pay forward thing
One can follow our lead
Think of the joy it brings

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 32 – LEAD & SAVE


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 31 – PEACE & TEAR

Is it wrong to search my soul?
So I know what indeed is my role
When I wonder deep down its meaning
And forgiveness I am begging
When I pushed the cobwebs of lies
And each one has his lows and highs
Is it wrong to find atonement?
When there was a creepy silent?
For all who I’ve offended
Out with the truth blurted
For all who are suffering
And the tension it brings
For all who are in pain
Like being in chains
What’s clear is I want peace
All misgivings to decrease

Let us all have peace
Tearing down all divisions
Live in harmony

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 31 – PEACE & TEAR


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 30 – Wish & Magic

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 30 – Wish & Magic

Happy Birthday, Colleen!


Abracadabra, I wish for you to be here
Fly with the stars and whatever’s there
I believe in magic and all its glory and form
And combed my hair in prospect of the storm
Wand in my hand, you can play in a band
Symbols, mantras and spells, I use as I stand
Out west is where I go, alone in my escape
If not, I comfort myself with a seedless grape
Waiting for you until the sun goes down
The date, at least to me, is yet unknown
The baying was so many miles away
Yellow as the sun and bright as the day

Happy birthday
Here’s wishing you all the best
With all our love

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 30 – Wish & Magic, April PAD Challenge: Day 18


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 28 – HARD & SOFT

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 28 – HARD & SOFT


If it’s goodbye
Then they should do it right
She has no regrets
Thanking him for being part of her life
He made her happy, he made her sad
He made her care, he made her cry
She remembers the times in their lives
When they used to wander together
When they were happy and inseparable
But then that love didn’t hold them together
There was something missing she can’t identify
Perhaps forgotten reveries and visualisations
They were not destined to be together
But let him listen, can he hear that?
It’s her heart, smashing into pieces
She knows it will take some time
For everything to be alright
But one day, it will be fine

a hard heart she has
her voice like soft melody
she remembers him
the times they were together
those were the days, now no more

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 28 – HARD & SOFT, April PAD Challenge: Day 11

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