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March 22

The rainbow – Daily Picture Prompt 95

“Humanity is an ocean If a few drops of the ocean are dirty The ocean does not become dirty” Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiration for us It’s quite true, sometimes we just think of ourselves We are just a tiny part of a big whole Our problems are tiny dots and won’t affect it When we’re hurt, […]

February 13

The rainbow of love – Daily Picture Prompt 66

  The rainbow of love Love can be expressed in many ways It’s the passion in it And if two people were involved It doesn’t matter who or what gender I love you, you love me She loves her, he loves him It’s like being in paradise Or when the rainbow comes after the rain […]

February 11

Road of life

  “Normality is a paved road It’s comfortable to walk But no flowers grow on it” There’s truth in Van Gogh’s quote What is “normal” in the first place? We all have different criteria for Normality, but even then perhaps When we are in our comfort zone Or people do what was expected of us […]

February 09

Trains – Daily Picture Prompt 62

I ride trains everyday from home to work in any way s-bahns, regional trains and ICE not so expensive, the price is nice one time we rode from Delhi to Mumbai quite interesting, time just flies I visit my cousin in Dormagen that was fun, nice to see her again this weekend we’re going to […]

February 01

The waterfall – Daily Picture Prompt 54

commune with nature listen to its talk chasing waterfall chasing waterfall sound of the fountain of life ever so faithful ever so faithful stridently trickling down splashing like pearls splashing like pearls cleanses the soul and spirit refreshingly good refreshingly good cool water, my loyal friend drizzling onto me drizzling onto me a curtain of […]

January 21

Lies and smiles – Daily Picture Prompt 43

Murder, she wrote As hollow as a dock As she read the quote And the crow squawked Dumb cat up the chimney Sad as the absence of the sun Emotional cruelty so bleakly Such a heavy burden The crow’s harsh caw The clock’s ticking Bone the dog gnaws Her eyes brooding Candle light’s flickering As […]

January 14

Bridge through the forest – Daily Picture Prompt 36

bridge through the forest your world connects with my world as we sail through life as we sail through life each step full of obstacles together we can together we can see the bright future ahead as we step forward B – being there with you R – remarkable experience I – ice-cream in the […]

January 11

Hope – Daily Picture Prompt 33

over the rainbow in a land so far away waiting for some hope waiting for some hope regretting what has been done atonement at last atonement at last peace, love and harmony happiness for all Starlight, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might Find my own knight, he’s there to fight for […]

January 09

Panoramic view – Daily Picture Prompt 31

summer morning meadow where corn are growing such uplifting feel melody from heart not a cloud in the sky birds fly together peak of the mountain panoramic view from top such awe-inspiring For: Daily Picture Prompt 31

January 08

Quiet -Daily Picture Prompt 30

Quiet is a state of the mind. I can be quiet in the most chaotic situation, in a busy street, in a concert, in a supermarket, anywhere. I can also be quiet when I’m listening to a classical music or any relaxing music. I can be quiet when I’m writing my blog, focusing on what […]

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