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dsc02074 February 15

Sound – Daily Prompt

You are a Filipino if… you say “open/kill/close the TV.” Yes, that’s right, we literally translate “buksan mo… ” or “isara mo…” which is “open” or “close”. We can’t say: turn it on/off….for appliances/devices. You are a Filipino if… at the middle of a sentence or story, you switch your “he” to “she” or the […]

429062_10151364879085867_1601441754_n February 14

Expectation – Daily Prompt

started with little things then escalate he misunderstood what she said, she cried not met – expectations and promises they’re not on the same page, as they debate in the end they chuck the book as their guide life’s tough and they’re losing to their grimace they carried on but they get frustrated that book […]

free google image/ credit goes to original photographer February 13

Seriousness – Daily Prompt

She hadn’t read the form before she signed it, and now she regretted it. That complacency was to be her undoing. She has to suffer the consequence. With regards to this habit, she thought at first that it was a virtue of giving a nonchalance and not being too serious in life. However, this gap […]

20150913_184617 February 11

Aware – Daily Prompt

If the haiku is the understanding of the inner meaning of a moving moment (or a-ha moment) in an event … the haibun answers some of the questions of how one got to that inner meaning of the moving moment. The Japanese word for this inner meaning (or a-ha moment is known) as aware (pronounced […]

13325740_10154083382835867_1008191717833511139_n February 10

Lush – Daily Prompt

lush greenery and cultivated fields For: Lush, wildlife sanctuary… , #MySundayPhoto – Valentine’s Day, Mixcoatl Anahuac Aztec Dancers (Sundays In My City) Other “lush” posts: Lush Lush – Green. And Warm & Fuzzy? This Time Of Year

hv6 February 07

Tremble – Daily Prompt

Courage by Robert William Service Ten little brown chicks scattered and scuffled, Under the blue-berries hiding in fear; Mother-grouse cackling, feathers all ruffled, Dashed to defend them as we drew near. Heart of a heroine, how I admired her! Of such devotion great poets have sung; Homes have been blest by the love that inspired […]

imgp4970 February 06

Lovingly ABCs

Apple baked caramel dusted every flavour Great harvest in juicy kaleidoscope Lovingly marinated Nutella overall Pampered queenly rain-stained Turning under viola waltz Xylophone your zoo arabesque pose, Aisha is really good with that! branch manager is her Dad’s job complex world we live in deadfall and the twitch-up snare to be sure error always happens, […]

14907598_10154493951925867_7038859754242528074_n February 06

Craft – Daily Prompt

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Last June, we walked from Kranzbach to Elmau Castle and then to Fernchensee Lake. As part of our Pearl Anniversary and Him Indoors’ birthday, we stayed at Das Kranzbach Hotel. This 4-star-superior hotel is located in beautiful forest countryside outside the village of Krün in the Bavarian Alps. This […]

imgp3236 February 05

Scent – Daily Prompt

garden full of life of butterflies and bees the scents of flowers look at the garden peace and tranquility wonderful feeling when I visited purple orchids for my friend with the lovely scent In the valley I am free I want to swim in the sea Free to flee from the threat I was with […]

12804662_10153837237255867_1012669917541524014_n February 03

Overwhelming – Daily Prompt

Looking up at the massive edifice, my heart’s pounding. I can’t believe I’m on my second interview and it’s there on top of that skyscraper. Just to look up is overwhelming. The building is fascinating, built of glass, concrete and steel in the middle of the financial district. I can’t believe that I could be […]

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