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March 28

Elixir – Daily Prompt

Johann lived in the country with his wife, Gertrude. He hummed as he worked, trying to prove that his experimental methods work. He bleached the sheep’s wool needed for his wife’s needlework. He was busy developing an elixir of life, using olives, stones, minerals and herbs for longevity. It was amusing to see the light […]

March 27

Purple – Daily Prompt

March 25

Ordinary – Daily Prompt

Joe is an ordinary lad who works an ordinary job Helps the farmers and eats corn on the cob He’s got a girl-next-door girlfriend called Sue Don’t worry about my horse, he’s coming, too Joe grew up from an ordinary town or city And unshackle our eyes to some sort of infinity His ordinary family […]

March 23

Symptom – Daily Prompt

“That is not dead which can eternal life And with strange aeons even death may die” For smoking can bring you to an early hearse Do something now for it can go worse Too much television will make you etiolate Don’t get lost, you need some fresh air In this wide world, I can be […]

March 21

Label – Daily Prompt

Four years ago, Him Indoors decided to plant a variety of chillies. We love eating spicy food and it was a new project for him. So he ordered the seeds and was so excited when they arrived. He printed and made some labels with their descriptions and the level of hotness for each variety. Some […]

March 18

Controversy – Daily Prompt

Hello everyone 🙂 Meet Marie Curie, our she-cat who’s having an affair with the neighbour’s ram-cat Clint. They go in and out of our cat flap and fight like cats and dogs. They’ve got some friends in the neighbourhood and sometimes we get to cat-sit some of them when neighbours go on holiday. With my […]

March 17

Luck – Daily Prompt

I didn’t change much After I nearly fainted On the street when I won I ran out of words I couldn’t believe it All these years of playing Of all places and people I was the lucky one I was called to share And share I would I created a master plan How we could […]

March 17

Massive – Daily Prompt

Who wants to be a cat? Everyone? When you’re expected to come up trumps Old ladies stroke me as I purr, that was fun And I always get some lumps in dumps After all, I’ve got nine lives to live I was struck by a thunder and lightning once What an experience, that was massive […]

March 16

At a crack of dawn

Staggered out of bed at a crack of dawn As he stretch his arm and have a huge yawn Too much spirit, never again, he promise As he could be a stubborn or annoying cuss Awake at a strange place in a tilted angle Ah, her soft voice stopped his babble Then smile at the […]

March 15

Immerse – Daily Prompt

nodus tollens n. the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore-that although you thought you were following the arc of the story, you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand, that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre-which requires you to go back and reread […]

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