Cringe – Daily Prompt


The hour is ticking
The moon in a mist
Got to keep asking
Where’s the moonlight tryst?

Trim the stem
You’re not here
Am I condemned?
Feeling’s so queer

I miss you dearly
My head is spinning
I beg of thee
Please don’t fling

Can’t get over it
As I look at your prints
I’m turning half-wit
Give me a hint

I cringe from memories
I can’t lift my spirit
How can I be appeased?
When I run in circuit

Living without you
I’ve had my chips
My life is through
Can’t come to grips

For: Cringe

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Commit – Daily Prompt


Que sera sera, kahit ano ang magiging, ay magiging
Iyan ay ang palagi kong iniisip
Anuman ang aking tinanim, isang araw ang binhing ito ay lalago
Isipin ang paraan upang harapin ang sitwasyong ito
Sa kalaunan, makikita natin ang mga bulaklak na bumunga
Depende sa atin o tadhana na ang buhay ay sumaya
Kung ano man ang gusto ko, kailangan kong abutin ito
Pasalamat ako sa aking pamilya at pangako ko
Ang ilog ay dumadaloy , ang araw ay sumikat at lumubog
Ipagdiwang sa pamamagitan ng pagsasayaw
Sa pagsasaka, ang dumi ay napakahalaga
Ang mga pagsubok ng buhay ay nanatiling pare-pareho
Para sa paglaki ng mga buto ng mais isang araw
Ito ay tulad ng pag-iisip at pagsulat ng isang sanaysay
O ang puno na magkaroon ng ubas sa taglagas
Ang pinakamahalagang bagay ay kalayaan


Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be
That’s how I always think it will be
Whatever I sow, one day this seed will grow
Figure out the way to deal with the status quo
Later, there’ll be some sprouts and flowers come
It’s up to me to make life brilliant or awesome
If I want something, I need to reach out for it
Glad I’ve got a close-knit family and I commit
The river flows, the sun rises and sets
Let’s celebrate by dancing a minuet
In farming, dungs are very important
The trials of life remained a constant
For the seeds to grow corns one day
It’s like thinking and writing an essay
Or vines to have grapes in autumn
The most important thing is freedom

For: Commit

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Crumpled Paper


The crumpled paper and tinsel meant that all presents were given and opened, greetings and thanks were said, the waiting and the excitement really happened. They also meant that another Christmas has come and gone, that we all celebrated it in different ways, usually with our loved ones. Having said that, we should also think of others who celebrated it by themselves, or who cannot celebrate it for some reason or another. That we should be thankful for all our blessing, the good and the bad things that happened to us, and hopefully learning our lessons in life. Cheers everyone!

For: Paper

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Loop Poetry

Here are the guidelines for Loop Poetry:

1) No restrictions on the number of stanzas or the syllable count for each line;
2) For each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two,
the last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3,
and the last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4;
3) The rhyme scheme is abcb.


being with you is magic
magic as in worth living
living a dream forever
forever we grow old and ageing

love is happiness
happiness shared with you
you and I together
together we stick like glue

why is the sky so blue?
blue as the wavy sea
sea breeze and summer dream
dream as my love for thee

the tang of the luscious exotic dishes
dishes on display and others being cooked
cooked to tantalise our senses as we walk
walk to tables set in a row and we looked

tempting as it was, I didn’t grab them
them in my desire to try and taste
taste that’s more tantalising – a pulled pork
pork adobo and menudo – that’s aced

Richard appreciated the bakeries and the pastries
pastries and the smell of fresh bread and the coffee
coffee, as well as the sight of the tantalising meat cuts
cuts them up and taste them and fills up his trolley

the butter taste was rich and tantalising while the
the velvetiness of the fresh cream and yoghurt mix
mix was balanced by a kick of almond and sultana
sultana – ah, that did it for me as I get my sweet fix

For: Loop

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Puncture – Daily Prompt


When we first got married, Him Indoors and I visited the Philippines. We flew to Bicol, one of the provinces in the north of the Philippines and on the way back, flights were cancelled. Instead of waiting for the next flight which could be the next day or the next week, things could be very flexible in the Philippines. Anyway, we decided to take the bus to Manila. Everyone seemed to have the same idea. The bus station was full of people, chickens, pigs, children, cargoes, you name it, they were there, chaos! We ended up being in a decrepit, no air-con bus. We had to stand the first couple of hours. Did I mention that the bus was so full, people were literally hugging each other, not forgetting all the chickens, pigs, baskets of fruits and vegetables, etc. There was a stop – wheel fell off. We waited 3 hours for the man to get nuts in another town. We stood by the side of the road in the middle of the night. People started getting out, so we were able to sit. Then we stopped the second time – puncture on one of the tyres. Another wait. After that, the driver raced another bus along the motorway with a horse and a cart in the slow lane. Never again, we promised. Such a bus experience!

For: Puncture

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Distant – Daily Prompt


Catch me if you can
I don’t want to be a dead man

Now you see me, now you don’t
Things I can’t tell you and I won’t

I can make myself disappear
I know, that’s a bit queer

When I don’t want to be there
As long as I have something to wear

When I’m in an awkward situation
I twirled around and I spun

Like when I’m a third wheel
I don’t want him for me to steal

Or when I’ve dug a deep hole
I could fit myself in a cubbyhole

When I’ve done something I shouldn’t
And I could go as far away as a distant

Or I’ve said something that hurt
Like you smell like a Roquefort

Escape to a place where no one can see me
I promise to be very quiet in a back alley

Escape to a world where I feel needed
I’m one of them and in a crowd I blended

Escape to a new planet – hey, that’s cool
As long as there’s a school and a whirlpool

For: Distant

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Imaginary – Daily Prompt

Jake’s her name, my imaginary friend
She’s always there, come what may
Even when I left the country
She’s my faithful companion
My strict critique, my conscience
My cheerleader, my ally, my confidante
I guess she grew up with me
And her life is not different from mine
Surrounded by her loved ones
Got a successful career
The ones we said we’d do have been done
We’ve weathered and survived them all
Challenges, hindrances, difficulties
Still going with the flow and wave of life
Enjoying life, its beauty and abundance
Isn’t life wonderful?

For: Imaginary

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