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March 21

Daily Word Prompt 41 “Middle”

image copyright neha 2016 I cried in the middle of the garden not one bird would come and sing a song all that was left was a bare branch I felt a chill in my bones I heard my heart shattered and the world seemed black when you left me fade away our dreams gone […]

March 16

Daily Word Prompt 39 “Stars”

the hour has come when one defies nature ask and she’ll probably provide an answer a creature of talent going and setting up stars as she thinks of what to write in her memoirs combining several actions to make them stay and breathing her lovely flower bouquet such determination to reach for her star trying […]

March 14

Daily Word Prompt 37 “Dreaming”

Hurry up, Chap. It’s the day of deliverance and we’re going to join them, even though we’re uninvited. Don’t be so clumsy, just polish the cask with chamois and we’re hitching a ride to the galaxy. From the lofty heights of Zugspitze, we can view the beautiful landscape of Garmisch, and that’s just for starters. […]

March 14

Daily Word Prompt 36 “Clouds”

– Brooke Shaden As a novice, she has to adjust To the new structure of her life She has to remain her calmest And forget all about having strife She has to abandon being nyctophilia One might say it’s all irregular Forget that chapter She’s getting farther Her tattoo on her erogenous zone She has […]

February 12

Daily Word Prompt 9 “Red”

  red is my favourite colour dark chocolates for sweets kisses from Him Indoors sensation overload sometimes nut, raisin and fruit for dessert tantalising to my taste buds*   (c) ladyleemanila 2017   * Harrisham Rhyme, created by the female poet, Harrisham Minhas, belonging to the State of Punjab in India, of a six-line rhyming […]

February 11

Daily Word Prompt 8 “Candles”

old bronze candlesticks Him Indoors’ great grandmother passed them on to him family heirloom one day we’ll pass them to son still very useful   remembering you candle light is flickering just like a heartbeat   For: Daily Word Prompt 8 “Candles”

February 05

Daily Word Prompt 3 ” Love”

As they climb up the tower They wish to have the answer On a calm night, the moon so bright He and she holding each other tight Echoes of birds twittering Cricket chirping, wind blowing They want this moment to last They are not talking about the past As well as of the future, only […]

February 04

Daily Word Prompt 2 “Heart”

my yang to my yin we are for the win you and me against the world challenges we take whatever the stake we’re living in our dream-world we say we will try limit is the sky we know it’s not that easy other factors play and our world seems grey honour and trust is the […]


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