Daily Word Prompt 74 “Blue”

Blue skies in town
Happy as a clown
Met my friend for lunch
Actually more like a brunch
Had sashimi and green tea
Small Japanese kiosk in the alley
That was delightful
Best one, not to be bashful
Walked around town
In easy fashion, slowdown
Pedestrian zone, no cars
Lots of bars and bazaars
Street scenes were fun
Was able to strike a bargain
Musicians, artists, vendors
Ladies met some bachelors
People walking, eating, smiling
Bonding, chuckling, biking, bumming
Sitting down, chatting, enjoying the sun
Pretended I bought a lottery ticket and won

For: Daily Word Prompt 74 “Blue”

Daily Word Prompt 58 “Orange”

Daily Word Prompt 58 “Orange”


It was a nice spring day and they went for a walk. She was having a good time and chattering about their coming holiday. The wind brushed her hair and everything was orange, as they passed by some poppy fields. She made a joke. It was a load of moonshine. He laughed and scooped her up in his arms. She screamed and giggled at the same time. He put her down and they laughed some more, jokes getting crazier. They didn’t really make sense, but they didn’t mind, anything to forget their dream of having a child being shattered. They cut and run and will deal with it later. For now, let them enjoy being together.

For: Daily Word Prompt 58 “Orange”

Blue sky and cotton-like clouds

Blue sky and cotton-like clouds


With blue sky and cotton-like clouds
The water is calm for fishing
A quiet day away from the crowds
A perfect day for relaxing

The water is calm for fishing
People came to have their picnic
A perfect day for relaxing
And children are here to frolic

People came to have their picnic
Brought their sandwiches and salad
And children are here to frolic
Play hide and seek while one counted

Brought their sandwiches and salad
Update with each other on news
Play hide and seek while one counted
Until it’s time to say adieus
Blue sky and cotton-like clouds

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 13, April PAD Challenge: Day 5, Daily Word Prompt 60 “Fishing”

Daily Word Prompt 55 “Radiant”

Daily Word Prompt 55 “Radiant”


The peacock’s
On the other side
Feasibly she’s waiting there
He wants to show his feathers
Radiant coloured spots

What I miss is our exclusive world
I was radiant with joy as I twirled
When we used to talk about everything
And we were both positively beaming
And in the beginning it’s just the two of us
Together there was a feeling of calmness
Nowhere else would I like to be but there
It might be threadbare but we feel millionaire
Beyond the scope of perfection and reality
Even in a dingy place or in a back alley
Beyond people’s expectation and silence
What’s imperative is our presence
That misty place where we could be us
And we don’t even make a big fuss
Where they turn their heads and awe
And they look again and overawe
I’d like to be there again, please
Oh to be there again, pretty please


For: Daily Word Prompt 55 “Radiant”

Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”

Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”


Fragile grip of reality
On shopping spree
On branded stuff
Thought you were rough

A small fragile timeworn lady
Give her some tea
And some flowers
She’s an ambler

Be careful with fragile china
That’s from Burma
From grandmother
Love her, bless her


A walk in a desert
Or a mountain hike
Not a soul for miles
Alone in the wilderness
Time to contemplate and think
Time to be on my own
No deadlines, no projects
No appointments, no dates
Just me and my hiking boots
A backpack with water and
Some nibbles and a map
And I know that out there
Is a breathtaking place of
Fragile beauty, unscathed
Where I commune to nature
And at the same time
Getting fresh air and exercise
Good for my health and mind
That’s how I unwind
When I want to be alone


For: Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”

Daily Word Prompt 45 “Lost”

Daily Word Prompt 45 “Lost”

Image © Mara Eastern Used with permission

Lynne visited her friend Judy in San Francisco. Judy had to work that day so Lynne entertained herself by going to town. She walked for a while then took the cable car. Lots of passengers were on the cable car and someone accidentally stepped on her toes.

“Ooops, sorry, Miss,” the man said apologetically, standing next to her.

“That’s OK,” she answered reassuringly.

That got them talking and Lynne found out that Graeme was also a tourist in the city and his way of getting to know the city was through riding a cable car, too. They got on well and laughed at some of the jokes. They even decided to tour the city together. So they stayed until the end of the line and agreed to meet the next day.

lost in the city
a man stepped on her toes
is this the start
of a beautiful relationship?
we’ll never know


For: Daily Word Prompt 45 “Lost”