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1936336_10153836665095867_4407768219909175338_n January 31

Speak Out – Discover Challenge

I’m reblogging two of my earlier posts about the Philippines, one about human trafficking and the second one is about migrant workers. “Filipinos Are Not For Sale” How can she not want to help her family, after all? The amount being offered overwhelms her and she answers with a ringing yes. The friend of a […]

dsc04635 January 19

The Greatest _______ in the World

Don’t ask me why but how That’s what I like to do We’re in love – you and I The greatest of them all – love How do I love thee? I’ll show you how if you let Me be just the good old me I may have lost count Of the reasons and the […]

Superpower – Discover Challenge

If I had a superpower what would it be? It would be the ability to appear and disappear at will, the ability to be a different person in different setting. I chose to be one of the different characters during the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Tandang Sora was my old aunt – She was poor […]

dsc04300 December 28

Retrospective Top Posts 2016

January 2016 – Snow this morning What a beautiful day! I woke up this morning to this pure and bright snowy day. Him Indoors had to shovel the snow in our garden path, as well as the front of our house, between the garages. He didn’t mind at all, it’s like his morning exercise. And […]

sky4 December 17

Finding Your Place – Discover Challenge

This week, tell us about a place that has helped shape who you are. Philippines, my Philippines I’ve known you for years You gave me fond memories Of my childhood and early days I left you when I was 23 To see the other side of the world It doesn’t matter how far I reached […]

imgp6001 December 01

One, Two, Three! – Discover Challenge

three fountains at Ostpark three tortoises – Gin, Rex and Niki Him Indoors, Ladylee and HRH the son three white stones infront of Inca man three toucans from Costa Rica three toucans from Costa Rica THREE HAIKU 7:22 as the clock ticks you said you will meet me here where are you, my love? I […]

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