Remember this one lovely, lonely soul?

Photo By William Stitt

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “People Like Us” by Robert Bly: confused, insomniac, wrong, dial, remember, lonely, soul, college, cleanses, thief, defender, hear

Remember this one lovely, lonely soul?
We used to be in college together
Still confused about things as she stroll
She dialled his number, there was no answer
“What’s wrong with me?” herself she can’t console
Just to hear his voice even if he errs
Couldn’t sleep, becoming an insomniac
Like a thief in the night, she wants him back

The trees around cleanse her mind, made her calm
She knows she herself is her defender
Be unruffled like a reader of a psalm
And in her life, she is the sole author
For brighter future she has no qualm*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Ottava Rima is a poem written in 8-line octives. Each line is of a 10 or 11 syllable count in the following rhyme:

one octive poem. abababcc
two octive poem. abababcc, dededeff
three octive poem. abababcc, dededeff, ghghghii

For: 100 Word Wednesday – Week 19, Whirligig 112 by Magical Mystical Teacher , OpenLinkNight #196 by Grace

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Haibun Monday: From the kitchen of poets

The kitchen by Carl Larssson

Leche Flan is my favourite dessert. When we have some get-together, I always make leche flan and everyone loves it. My brother has this recipe and it’s so delicious! Here it is: 10 egg yolks, 2 cans evaporated milk, 1 can condensed milk, rinds of a lemon. First of all, prepare your tins and caramelised some sugar in them. Just put a couple of spoons of sugar in the tins and in a medium heat keep on stirring until brown caramelised. Put them aside. For the leche flan, put all the ingredients together, slightly stirring it, making sure no air formed. Double sieve it to the tins you have put aside with the caramelised sugar. Steam them until done. Usually half an hour steaming. Put them in the refrigerator. Best served cold. Enjoy!

Over the rainbow
Walking by the summer field
A day so brilliant


For: Haibun Monday: From the kitchen of poets by Björn Rudberg (brudberg)


In Case You Missed THE LIST–dVerse Meeting the Bar


With pen and paper, I can squeeze my mind
My heart and soul and anything combined
Message in a bottle and hope they find it
By the moonlight and hope everything fits
With my small pen and a strip of paper
I’m not an actor, baker, bomber or ambler
Like putting some apples in a wicker basket
I want a blanket, some food and biscuits
I can write lists, stories, poems and musings
Life is full of things, swings, flings and zings
The stone fell into the water with a soft plop
I like to mop, hop, plop, and shop nonstop
So instead of forming dust being untouched
I’m still with hope and patience clutched
Why not share what’s on my mind?
With you I want to be wined and dined
Everyone does it and what’s the fuss?
In my situation anything else is a plus

(c)ladyleemanila 2017

For: In Case You Missed THE LIST–dVerse Meeting the Bar by Victoria C. Slotto in FormForAll


Soil poetics

The soil that I call home
I come back even when I roam
Ancestors fought for us
What we have is a plus
So we could all be free
Relish the soil that is bounty
Blood and sweat were sacrificed
What we have now is our prize
My parents tilled the soil for us
So we could all enjoy Christmas
To rear us well in this wide world
So we could all swirled and whirled
In return we burn the midnight oil
We know our role, we’re not spoiled
To have good grades and later jobs
Our freedom no one can rob

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Soil poetics by Björn Rudberg (brudberg) , Nurt Thurs – Message for You


Thursday photo prompt – Obelisk #writephoto


As the sun sets with a classic golden flame along the shore
Pondering the past, when you only have eyes for me and I you adore
When the thought of you has given my heart that unexplainable feeling
When we thought everything was against us and we said we keep on battling

Proud obelisk always standing there, witness to everything
As the years went through, winter, summer, autumn and spring
The world was rosy and nothing could stop us, so we thought
But the world has turned grey and I was so distraught

It was there when you promised the sun and the moon to me
That promise was broken, what you’ve done, that was very nasty
My scarlet heart bleeds, if only the obelisk could give me a hug
I know somewhere in the universe, you’re there with just a shrug

I saw it at the corner of my eye when we first kiss and that was heaven
I don’t seek revenge for I’m sure there’s a karma with your action
I’m still trying to understand what went through and your betrayal
I’m sure time helps with the healing but for now, I still feel awful

When you wrote a song for me and sang it with your guitar, it was there
I’m walking at the edge of this beautiful landscape saying my prayer
With the golden sunset warming my soul, there’s always hope
I’d be given enough strength, I’d move on, I know I’d be able to cope

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Thursday photo prompt – Obelisk #writephoto, Dramatic Monologues by kim881 in Poetics, OpenLinkNight # 195 by Grace


Knackered – Daily Prompt

There was once a man who thought he was strong
He carried that piano and starts his sing-song
Halfway there he dropped it
It was heavy he has to admit
Now all day long he just wears his sarong

One afternoon I find myself dropping sleep at my desk
Drooling into my keyboard, that was so grotesque
Was that because of the late night?
Or you picking up a fight?
Never again will I agree to go to a burlesque

Rain, rain go away, got enough of your drops
Got holes in our roof, tired of never ending mops
When will you ever stop?
Here I’m going to flop
I don’t mind going to a hot country for swaps

For: Knackered. Also for: Limericks by frankhubeny in FormForAll

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