Opposites Attract, Or Do They?

Love and hate are opposites
Thin line between them
All consuming passion
Hate the one you love
Or love the one you hate

So near yet so far apart
It’s always complicated
“I love you” yet “I hate you”
“You’re my everything” yet
“I don’t care about you”

“Can’t live without you” yet
“Go away, leave me alone”
Exciting and intoxicating
Lots of tears or laughter

Jealousy is mostly the cause
Of arguments, yet can’t live
Without each other, that’s how
It is with you and you alone
Up and down, heaven or hell
Our love-hate relationship

For: Opposites Attract, Or Do They? by lillian in Poetics

Burning Inspiration–dVerse Quadrille #

Photo: Pexels Free Great Photos: Labeled for non-commercial reuse.

Life is tough, sometimes people work too hard
Too hard that they put a lot of pressure
No fight, no desire and the goal was marred
Too much to take, the whole system was jarred
Take care, we have to be always on guard

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Burning Inspiration–dVerse Quadrille # 26 Monday Feb 2018 by Victoria C. Slotto


Inspired by Art! A story with a twist

Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein

A story with a twist
When she was transfixed
A process when was kissed

A smirk on her face was fixed
Dreaming away peacefully
When she was transfixed

Updraft of air breezily
Wednesday and time to stir
Dreaming away peacefully

Wabi-sabi to occur
The urge to consent
Wednesday and time to stir

Visitors to frequent
Sweet octagonal petals
The urge to consent

A dream of skittles
Sweet octagonal petals
A story with a twist
A process when she was kissed*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Terzanelle


For: Inspired by Art! by lillian in Poetics, Wordle #186


Seeking Some Shade Today?


He glimpsed a figure standing in the shade
A lady in pink and her hair all braid
The wind blew, black hair down her sides cascade
Who was she and why was she in the greyed?
Was she in trouble and needed some aid?
She’s so pretty, he wants to serenade
Was it all a dream as the figure fades?*

* Monorhyme


the lazy sun peeks
birds sing in harmony
swimming in the shade

swimming in the shade
alone thinking about love
witness by nature

For: Seeking Some Shade Today? by lillian in Poetics


Haibun Monday #40 Summer

Days are bright, night’s cool
Have fun that’s the rule
Summer is here at long last
Cycling and ice-cream
Going down the stream
Things to do are vast
Swimming in the pool
Go to Liverpool
With our car that is so fast
Meet friends and go scream
Days full of daydream
Weather’s good that’s the forecast

summer morning
the flower’s scent is heaven
serene feeling all over

on a clear day
trying to reach the sky
joy of being here

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Haibun Monday #40 Summer by Grace