Bamberg – The Changing Seasons

Bamberg is a town in northern Bavaria, Germany, laid out over 7 hills where the Regnitz and Main rivers meet. Its old town preserves structures from the 11th to 19th centuries including the muraled Altes Rathaus (town hall), which occupies an island in the Regnitz reached by arched bridges. The Romanesque Bamberg Cathedral, begun in the 11th century, features 4 towers and numerous stone carvings. (Wikipedia)

Hello everyone! We’ve just got back from our three-day visit in Bamberg. It’s a very charming place and we had fun walking around and discovering it. The weather might be a bit cold, but we didn’t mind. We took a train from Munich and it was a two-hour ride on the ICE-fast train. I just slept through the whole trip. Our hotel is near the train station so we’ve been walking around the town. The old town is brilliant, with all the canals, that’s why Bamberg is known as “Little Venice”. We visited their Residenz museum, very impressive, shame we couldn’t take photos inside. We also took their “hop on hop off” tourist bus when we couldn’t walk up the hills anymore. All in all, we enjoyed our holiday, our smile this week. So, what made you smile this week?

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First Maß, swan lake and sushi

First Maß, swan lake and sushi

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is fine. We had a lovely weather last Sunday and we went cycling to our favourite park. And we had our first Maß of the year! (Mass – literally, 1 liter of Bavarian beer). We also shared a big brezen and I had an ice cream when Him Indoors had his second Maß. We had a great time.

We enjoyed people watching and swan and geese watching in the lake, our very own Swan Lake.

We watched “Beauty and the Beast”. It was brilliant! Then we went for sushi and sashimi later.


So, what made you smile this week? Happy Easter everyone!

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Amadeus Live, Yellow Flowers and Leche Flan

Amadeus Live, Yellow Flowers and Leche Flan

Hello everyone! such a bright and sunny day here in Bavaria. I’ve just been out cycling. Last Sunday, we went to see “Amadeus Live” at the Munich Philharmony. There was a big screen and “Amadeus” was shown, while the Munich Orchestra played the music live. Such a wonderful experience!


Welcome to our house! Wecome spring! Lovely yellow flowers by our gate.


I met two Filipino friends yesterday and we ate fried fish, ginisang mongo and I made leche flan. We had a great time!


Have a lovely week everyone!

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Philippine dishes

Philippine dishes

Hello everyone! Here’s just me remembering all the Philippine dishes that I had when I was there. We went to Dad’s Saisaki buffet for a real treat, two days in a row! The first day to meet my school friends and the second day, to meet my High School friends. There were lots of food there – Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, American, etc. I went for the real Philippine dishes – adobo, kare-kare, chop-suey, caldereta, pancit, balut, etc. I’ve really enjoyed tasting them again.

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