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dsc04621 January 20

Finish off Friday #6: Footsteps in the Fog 20.01.17

Image: phylor aka Lorraine Footsteps echoed eerily in the fog Wind coming from the east and the trees swayed Getting louder like the barking of dog Gets nearer, is one going to be preyed? Who’s that? I asked even though I’m afraid Footsteps stopped suddenly, I’m still puzzled Stop it now, Mathew, and don’t make […]

dsc02430 January 07

Finish off Fridays #5: Bicycle 06.01.17

When Mark and Pat renovated the family home, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch. It was Mark’s old bike when he was a boy. He remembered all the fun and adventure he had with that bike. Not to mention, all the scratches, bruises, mud cakes formed and mischiefs. He checked it out […]

img_20160710_085112 December 09

Finish Off Fridays #3: Snowballs of Hay & Garden Gargoyles (09.12.16)

Overnight, giant snowballs of hay appeared in the field I am flattered to see this inexhaustible supply The hay were not in clutters but all lined in the field As bellwether in the farm, I began to groove With my handbag, I entered into a Faustian pact Of late, I was familiar with the nuances […]

183-11-november-27th-2016 November 27

Where was James?

James was never seen again after setting off down the rutted, puddled road, foggy day everyone’s worried, where he could be and why was he upset or was he meeting anyone? who the last one he saw and other clues outside the window was a film of fog some dark clouds were sprayed across the […]

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