five minute friday :: empty

five minute friday :: empty


Crack the code
Information overload
Wrestle with memory
When will you be free?
Too much information
No time in the garden
Full of empty promise
Sometimes it’s aimless
To act like an angel
Don’t be so bashful
Cue saintly disguise
Don’t need all the bytes
You can hold science fair
To get you out of chair
Pebble on the track
Before you crack

As the wind howls on this grey day
Stray dogs wandering the empty streets
Sweets given free but still no takers
Acres of spaces starting to be vacant
Client, vacationers don’t come here anymore
Shore is not enough, fighting for survival
Dull and aged, they speak with no loyalty
Tea by the sea is still brilliant, whereas
As the wind howls on this grey day


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five minute friday :: enough

five minute friday :: enough


enough is enough
enough of turning tables
table with your thumb as you wish
wish to end this, tired of battles

I won’t let you hurt me anymore
anymore is a lot already
already like an old lady
lady tired of you turning tables

the world never keeps still
still as in it never stops
stops from going up and down
down is where you belong

enough is enough
enough lies and betrayal
betrayal that cuts like a knife
knife straight to my heart

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

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five minute friday :: define

five minute friday :: define

Passion through poetry and fiction
Glad I could do what I’ve chosen
Passion in doing everything fully
To swim and snorkel in the sea
Passion in learning new things
Life is full of swings and zings
Passion in teaching English
Don’t worry, I’m also British
Passion in meeting friends
Being me, don’t do pretends
Passion in shopping till I drop
I like my top, don’t do swap
Passion in ringing my Mom
Like giving myself a balm
Passion in skyping the son
Telling his pun, it’s quite fun
Passion with cycling with Him
Sometimes going to the gym
Passion in seeing the world
Kaleidoscope as it whirled
Passion in experiencing life
I think I’m a good housewife
Passion with different culture
Eyes not covered with a blinker
I think I’m living my passion
I always feel that I have won
I’m grateful to this brilliant world
Such dazzling and wonderful world


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five minute friday :: safe

five minute friday :: safe



He really stepped in it this time. He has to remain in focus, despite the pain in his chest. After the three men left him in this awful state, he has to think fast. He tried to free himself, wanted to scream but couldn’t. He suffered in silence. What a mess he got himself in. This time, the love of his life is also in trouble, if he cannot give them what they wanted.


When he woke up, the pain was gone and he could stand up. He went home, rinsed himself and made himself a pot of tea. They gave him the date when he has to submit what they needed. He has to steer hard right rudder to get out of this trouble. The will to survive this is stronger, especially if it also involved the safety of his lady love. One more chance to live or die.




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five minute friday :: middle

five minute friday :: middle


In the north of the city
I thought I’d faint as I drove
You left and you were angry
I passed by some mangrove

Driving straight from work
Feeling thirsty and hungry
Trying not to go berserk
Just come, you said with a plea

With wise counsel, I found it
Praise the Lord, as I’d say thanks
Let’s talk before we quit
Let’s fill up our blanks

But this is the middle of nowhere
An empty carpark in the wilderness
Anything could happen in the square
You said you’d protect me as promise

We talked, we cried, we made up
We said we can have another go
As long as there’s no breakup
We said sorry and let love grow

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