‘My Way’ – FFF42

I’ve crafted my own home and life
A good daughter, sister and wife
Studied hard, full of ambition
But I also have lots of fun
Left the Philippines, saw the world
Lots of experience, swirled and whirled
Different jobs, different challenges
All these things giving me a buzz
Sometimes luck is not on my way
Sometimes no sun, the world is grey
But I carried on, full of hope
Tried something else, no need to mope
No tradition, no convention
Swim the ocean, climb the mountain
Whatever I do, my own voice
Always my way, always my choice

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: ‘My Way’ – FFF42

‘Every Breath You Take’ – FFF 41

You are the vessel of desire
Sizzling me with fiery passion
Every breath I take it’s for you
Sharing every tender moments
The nexus between life and death
The owner of my heart, my squire
And from here to eternity
The joy I have in your presence
And when you are gone I am blue
Like the desert, I need the rain
You’re the last piece of my puzzle
I’m sad and lost in your absence
Together we build an empire
With every breath we can go through
Every breath I take it’s for you

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: ‘Every Breath You Take’-FFF 41

Your lost, my gain, I’m learning – FFF 39

You came to my life, my king
With you I’m always beaming
Sunny days and fun you bring
To my life you’ve added zing
Given you all my being
My heart, my soul, my caring
But then, some things are baffling
I’ve never seen it coming
Situations seem too taxing
How come you’ve changed, I’m asking
You don’t seem to be caring
How come now I am aching?
And the things you’ve done gives me sting
Didn’t know you’re so cunning
Is our love story ending?
All the tears I have to wring
Your lost, my gain, I’m learning*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme.

For: ‘Everything Works Out in the End’-FFF 39, twenty-sixth day of NaPoWriMo

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‘New World Coming’ – FFF 38

There’s a new world coming in peace
The old world is finish
So kindness and love to increase
Perhaps part of our wish
We could all live all together
We’re all different and we all err
We could all live
We could all live
Let’s all be ready as we were

There’s a new world coming in joy
Can you hear it calling?
From the boat as they say ahoy
We can all live in zing
Hallelujah, let’s celebrate
Coz this new world would be so great
Let us be good while we all wait

A new world!

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: ‘New World Coming’-FFF 38

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‘Once Upon A Dream’-FFF 37

I seem to know you when we met
You’re constantly in my dream as my star
Like a knight, it looks like you always gleam
I tell you I’ll never forget

Forget the past, stick to the now
Take our time to get to know each other
With you, life is bright and beautiful as always
Know each other as we avow

Avow that we’re for each other
Whatever happens it doesn’t matter
Once upon a dream and so the story goes
We’ll be happy ever after

(c) ladyyleemanila 2017


For: ‘Once Upon A Dream’-FFF 37

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