Flowers – Nurturing Thursday

Hello everyone! After six years of hard work from seed, it finally flowered!


I was welcomed by these flowers from Him Indoors when I arrived from Manila ❤


And of course, our orchids are blooming, too 🙂


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The scent of a flower


gorgeous sunflowers
as I cycle through the fields
shine bright like the sun


apple blossoms in full bloom
on such a beautiful day

winter birds depart
swallows and house martins sing
birdsongs in the air

ornamental cherries in bloom
blossoms create magic sight

carpets of blue bells
found in woodlands at their peak
pretty wild flowers

daffodils are popping out
cheerful bulbs burst into life

so called “mad March hare”
these shy creatures can be seen
boxing in the fields

all the signs of spring are here
rejoice and let’s welcome it

fragrance of flowers
air of spring brings health and life
rain comes on the wind


sweet memories
like it happened yesterday
scents of petals

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Three Things Thursday and more

Skywatch Friday the 13th, first thing in the morning, on our way to the pool

flowers in our garden, before they stop flowering

my good old bike, riding it from home to the station

at the station, to and from work

our dinner – tuna and stir-fried vegetables

Have a great week, everyone!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yellow

as yellow as the sun
with you my life’s so bright
I could fly like a kite
we’ve always have some fun
I’ve felt like I have won
you’d always been my knight

yellow means happiness
I’m happy when you’re here
your voice I’d like to hear
our world’s full of goodness
and of course, rosiness
my universe, that’s clear

life is so wonderful
we’ve got to be thankful*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* The HexSonnetta, created by Andrea Dietrich, consists of two six-line stanzas and a finishing rhyming couplet with the following set of rules:

Meter: Iambic Trimeter
Rhyme Scheme: a/bb/aa/b c/dd/cc/d ee

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