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hv6 February 11

It’s my chair!

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz   Oh to be in the middle of all this Calm water, sea breeze embracing me whole Clear blue sky and birds singing, such a bliss Nice to sit on this chair after my stroll Once I’ve spent some time here, good for my soul Forgetting all the problem and […]

sun-rise1 February 02

Journey – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot I journeyed through my entire life where the streets with rumour ran rife to places I don’t know about and I thought to myself be brave and of course, I’ve got to behave I’m sure I’ll reach there without doubt the route I take leads me to you challenges I’ve […]

img-20160726-wa0001 January 28

How heavy do I journey on the way*

* Sonnet 50 by William Shakespeare PHOTO PROMPT © Al Forbes How heavy do I journey on the way? When all I want is to come back to you? Ask your forgiveness and lots to convey Being away and all my days were blue I’ve gone astray and took more than I chew Now hoping […]

dale-rogerson2 January 19

Once a dream did weave a shade*

* first line of “A Dream” by William Blake PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson ah, once a dream did weave a shade where I invade a corridor went for a tour a dream I cannot understand questions in hand yet no answer a new chapter going through the arc of unknown where I was thrown […]

dsc04462 January 11

The Resurrection – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr The night of the resurrection, I was alone and heartbroken On top of the tower I saw the witch with her teeth blackened As blind as a scorpion, she cast her spell with a branded doll “Werewolf will hunt you forever,” I listened by the stonewall On this full moon, […]

dsc019141 January 04

To an abandoned mill she walked

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Persistent rain on a grey day To an abandoned mill she walked Persistent rain on a grey day Perhaps she was openly mocked Her past was the past no one knew To an abandoned mill she walked He whispered a subdued adieu Then he packed his bags and left her […]

imgp4113 December 24

The pursuit of a perfect date

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot The pursuit of a perfect date I’m wearing my elegant cloak Desperately trying to lose weight Duck coke, won’t have my heart broke Perhaps wear a mini skirt or black dress To become a bit like Venus de Milo What else can I do to impress? Hoping he’s the right […]

14138075_10154292014560867_8650959368777749850_o November 30

When we went camping

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields We’ve just started going out when we camped And as poor students we had no money We borrowed a single tent from a friend We thought we could fit in it but not so Packed duvets, pillows, sleeping bags and food And took the train from Mannheim to Munich […]

giphy November 26

Venture out in the forest

PHOTO PROMPT © CEayr Venture out in the forest as we amble In finding mysterious doors in the jungle One was purple with a chain in front of it Wouldn’t it be nice to enter and housesit? Tried it but couldn’t open it, where was the next? It was opened, hesitated, might be hexed Run, […]

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