I Challenge You To… Phone calls


The phone call from her son’s high school principal was something she was totally unprepared to receive.

“What has he done this time?” Marlene mused to herself. They have just moved to this place and has found the school close to it. The school offered a wide range of sports and other extra-curricular activities for the pupils. After the divorce case and all the cost involved, they were just getting on top of things. Martin seemed fine with the move and has decorated his room with his favourite posters. He was even thinking of going to watch his team’s match at the weekend.

“Mrs. Smith, I just would like to let you know that your son Martin has hit one of his classmates, Paul and has threatened him with more violence, had we not been able to stop the fight. I talked to both of them. Paul had said something which Martin didn’t like. The key point was they apologised to each other. So, for now, let it just be a warning for both the pupils.” Marlene thanked the principal and told her that she’ll have a word with Martin when he gets home.

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I Challenge You To… The Pub


Three old men sitting in a bar. They have been friends all their lives. Frank is half blind and has some problems with his memories. Bill has arthritis on his knees and has difficulty walking, so he walks with a stick. Ted is quite obese. They used to be young and virile, useful citizens of this town. They drink beers, put a bet on the horses and meet in the pub in the afternoon. They talk about the good old days, when they all had jobs. They are like those three graffiti cars that were left in the sand – forgotten. (100 words)


Thomas and friends went to a bachelor party
Went to different pubs and drank a lot with glee
There was even a stripper
Somehow made them purr
Came home to waiting Mrs. who is very angry
… DUCK!!!

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I’ve Got To Do It


Weight: still 150 kilos

Feeling: suicidal

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time. I followed every trends, has been yoyo dieting, and somehow my weight kept on increasing. I’m getting depressed; the chocolates seemed to be my only friend.

I’ve got to do it. She has been nagging me, pushing me to do this and do that. She won’t listen to my excuses. They’re quite hard and I just can’t do them.

So when I found that gun in the forest, I knew what to do. It’s either her or me. I shot her, my useless fitness trainer… it won’t be much of a loss. (107 words)

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